Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Open Wide

WOOHOO!!! Less than 24 hours to go before Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix opens here on the east coast at 12:01 am as well as in Asia (no midnight screenings from what I hear so basically noon is the first show, so basically about the same time!) and Europe just soon after. Actually, at this point. Only 15 hours and 45 minutes to go! Wahoo! And in IMAX 3D no less!!!

Of course, with Ratatouille and Transformers already out there, don't forget the smaller movies coming out, including Talk to Me, which opens this Friday the 13th (yeah. Good luck exactly) and which I reviewed before.

Tonight in New York on Broadway, Xanadu finally opens after a delayed opening when male lead James Carpinello injured himself and they had to find a new replacement in Cheyenne Jackson. Now I REALLY have to see this. Cheyenne with Kerry Butler (who has an AMAZING voice)! I hope it lasts at least a month so that I can see it in August. Word is that it's totally hilarious and ridiculous! Even the poster looks hilarious and doesn't take itself too seriously. Which for a show about a Greek Muse on rollerskates, is pretty much a given.


LinzMcC said...

Can't wait for Harry! I am currently in full-on obsessed mode, having just finished re-reading all the books last month. Can't wait for the movie (although I am not seeing it till this weekend...) and the book!!

vance said...

SO. EXCITED! Only 6 more hours to go for me! And better get your tickets! I noticed all the Imax showings tonight and tomorrow night (and most matinees) in all the Imax's in and around Toronto are sold out! woot woot!

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