Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Can I Say That I Haven't Already About Friday Night Lights?

As stated earlier this week, NBC will start airing Friday Night Lights season 2 on Friday October 5th in their new timeslot at 9pm.

Here's E!Online's Kristin and The Watcher's Maureen with spoilers of the upcoming season . (Thanks to GMMR for the tidbit)

HOLY. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I'd better hear Friday Night Lights called out a LOT tomorrow at the Emmy nominations.

The 1st Season's DVD comes out August 28th and is to be priced at $29.99 (an AMAZING price even made more so by the fact that the entire first season is F#$KEN BRILLIANT) AND is listed for $19.99 right now on Amazon! ($28.67 (!?) in Canada)

GET IT and CATCH UP if you haven't already. Everyone who HAS watched it already will probably buy it anyways.

Oh yeah, and Ausiello reports of this possible stunt casting.

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