Friday, July 20, 2007

What's The Other Word For Happy?

Just cause I need it (and to forget the bunch of weird and awful news I read in the news this morning particularly a couple of articles that I won't depress you with, plus the revelation of someone I like who is younger than me and just bought a house, while I'm still searching for my little box condo... ugh...yes, I'm a jealous little bitch), this is what's making me happy today in no particular order.

That there are so many freaks and geeks that are excited about the last Harry Potter book being release at midnight and that there are huge parties and events to celebrate a BOOK in cities all over! Totally great!

Since I was all down on the Emmy's yesterday, I will pull through the positive and note that I AM happy about SOME stuff. I'm happy that Neil Patrick Harris got a nod for How I Met Your Mother. That 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, and to a degree Heroes and specifically Masi Oka were awarded nominations after their debut seasons. That Extras finally got some attention. That the supporting cast of Grey's Anatomy finally got their due respect. That the women of Weeds and the supporting men of Entourage got nods (though one for Kevin Connolly would have been nice). That The Office got all their nods. That Friday Night Lights got a casting and directing nomination at least. (With some degree of negativity, EW compiled a perfect list of what went right and wrong yesterday).

There was a study out of Montreal proving that music can equate to sex and happiness (or something like that) within our brains. Well, duh! I was going to do a whole post on the 10 songs that ALWAYS MAKE ME HAPPY but I don't have time for that today so will leave it to next week, but in the meantime, listening to Anthony Callea's A New Chapter album makes me happy right now. (I know. It's the same cheese continued from Shayne Ward, Westlife, Boyzone etc... LOVE IT). (Another song, the one I heard yesterday on the radio that got me thinking about this list, was "The Middle" from Jimmy Eat World).

Speaking of which, I'm happy that the Buffalo radio station repeats songs ad nauseum because they played Timbaland's "The Way I Are" 5 times in the past day. I LOVE IT and I would have added it to my iPod already if I could (something's wrong with the laptop and my iPod hasn't been able to update for the past month).

That Dustin is doing so well in the Love'Em AND the Grand Prize polls. That Jen used her HOH Diary to organize her bills. She really is a uni'tard isn't she?

That Hairspray is getting such great reviews (and I can't wait 'til the big finale "You Can't Stop The Beat". That Xanadu The Musical (Seriously) got such great reviews! Starring the original Broadway Hairspray Penny Pingleton, Kerry Butler.

That all my faves made it into the Top 10 so will be on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour (and thus, also stalkable in my own city!).

That I'm seeing TWO musicals tomorrow! (Oklahoma and My One and Only at Stratford) AND the tickets were cheap! (Thank you deals for young people!)


Anonymous said...

All I can say is, if Anthony Callea is 'cheese'...then bring on the dairy! ;)

What an absolutely incredible voice, and he's an impressive songwiter, too.

Just LOVE that mans voice...amazing!

vance said...

I LOVE DIARY! But you got to understand, that type of singing is not really big here in North America right now. (Again, why Take That, Robbie Williams, Boyzone, Westlife, etc etc have never been able to break the North American market). but I LOVE IT!!! And it always makes me super happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Oklahoma?

Yes, there are many great songs, but the book is so weak and the hero is so passive. Time to euthanize this show.

vance said...

I know. I'm kinda scared since many other times I've seen old "classics" I've been incredibly disappointed. Still, figure I have to give every show its chance first before I trash it (like Phantom ha). Still, the reviews said this is the exact way the production should be presented so I'm still excited!

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