Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Amazing Race - Are All Chinese Fathers Like That?

I've Become the Archie Bunker of the Home - Ep. 1202

The teams must race to the airport and jet off from Ireland to Amsterdam but teams are all getting onto the flight to Dublin but there aren't enough seats from Dublin to Amsterdam and some teams are getting frustrated.

Nicolas and Donald are stuck on standby and Nick gets aggravated with the ticket agent (who doesn't?) and acts rude. This angers Ronald for some reason and Ronald goes over to Nick and Donald to yell at them while Christina tries to hold her father back in embarrassment.

Seriously, it's like a scene straight out of my family. My sister was like, that's exactly what our dad would do too. So embarrassing... (and if you didn't catch that, yes, I'm Chinese).

Later on in the Detour, Ronald starts ranting and raving as things get undecided and Christina tries to appease her father. They start off at a typical Amsterdam house where they must use rope and lift furniture up to the top level of the house, but Ronald doubts they can do it fast, and passive aggressively pushes their team to the other challenge, which was to find particular bicycles amongst many on a bike rack, and then ride it to a certain location. She tries to calm him down and bring some positive energy to the proceedings but Ronald harks on her again and again until he finally lets out how disappointed he was in her.

Again. Dad? Are all Chinese dads the same?

Then at the Road Block, Christina is trying to accomplish the task of jumping a muddy waterway using a poll and Ronald constantly berates her with his instructions being the ultimate backseat driver.

Seriously, I can hear my father's voice right now...

Meanwhile, there's also some cracks showing in the grandson/grandfather team as Nick tries to bite his tongue when Donald drives/goes really slow. Then there's the crack when Donald undresses into his undies to jump over the muddy water.

Meanwhile, the blondes (the drag queen one (Shana?) looking better without makeup than with) are impressing me more and more, moving the furniture up a typical Amsterdam house faster than all the other boys. She's a pretty good pole jumper too. I'll refrain from any pole jokes.

Lorena and Jason finish first, followed by all the other stepford lives, Nathan and Jennifer and the blondes Shana and Jennifer.

The fractured Christina and Ronald manage to beat Kate and Pat in finding the correct bicycles in the Detour to finally beat them to the Pit Stop, leaving Kate and Pat last and eliminated and leaving no gays left in the race.


Sandie said...

First of all, I just noticed you changed the look of your site.

Second, I've been meaning to write something for a while but I just haven't had the chance. I barely have time to keep up with my own site so... :-(

Third, The Amazing Race. This is the first season I watch it and I like it but I have to say:

1) I'm sorry

2) I hated the dad, I was hoping they would get eliminated, seriously. His daughter needs to step up to him next week or I don't think I'll be able to handle.

Other than that, I love that show!

Vance said...

Well, I changed it for the strike but I may keep it black either until the strike ends, or forever since its supposed save energy on screens so SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!! It's my little part. Anyways. Still experimenting with it. Who knows.

Second. Yah. don't you feel sorry for me and my sister? haha... my dad's not always that bad... but um. yeah, it was just like watching our home movies...

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