Monday, November 19, 2007

Everyone Deserves A Good Bed, A Man In It, A Secret Diary, And The Chance To Be On The Amazing Race

Friday Night Lights - Pantherama! - Ep. 207
Men In Trees - Nice Day for a Dry Wedding - Ep. 206
The Office - The Deposition - Ep. 408
30 Rock - Somebody to Love - Ep. 206
The Amazing Race - Please Lord, Give Me Milk! - Ep. 1203

Friday Night Lights: Teary Moment of the Episode: It was pretty obvious where it was all going but I still totally bought it when Buddy took Santiago in and gave him his first bed to sleep in (love that Eric was only going to make his bed this just once!).

Julie is charmed by a new hot young teachers. Tami is suspicious of course and worried (as am I). Smash and Corina do not see eye to eye on his future prospects and as much as I understand Smash's drive, I wanted to smack him for his poor mama. Matt kisses Carlotta, the maid. Can I smack him too? Meanwhile, Tyra and Lyla work together to organize Pantherama! and it devolves into a strip-a-thon much to the excitement of the crowd, and look of shock and disappointment from the Taylors. Hysterical!

Men In Trees: They sure are trying to live up to the title. Jack still hasn't left yet, Cash is back AGAIN, and all during Patrick and Annie's nuptials. Hot pastor Eric and Sara are totally doing it! Colm Meaney finally shows up as Bob, Annie's dad, who cheated on Mary Alice, who is now smitten with a cleaned up Jerome. PLOW GUY IS BACK! Sam (Ty Olsson, who I noticed was added to the Men In Trees website... is that a sign that he's permanent now???!!!) shows up at the wedding with another girl, but is still totally in love with Jane (above with a masked Sam in their cute dating era from last season)! YES! Meanwhile, Annie's drunk brother Danny (Josh Randall! Ed) is there to make a pass at Jane. Dick (Currie Graham) handcuffs himself to Celia and of course, loses the key (and how funny was it that she made his younger age such a big deal in an earlier episode?). Even Mario Cantone is here to do the hair! Finally, after starting the wedding late with some switches to the lineup, Jack walks Annie down the aisle until Patrick gets hit with lightening and awakens with amnesia. Of course. Eric blames himself. Annie blames her father Bob. But who cares cause Plow Guy Sam gives the most impassioned love speech towards Jane before he asks her to marry him for real! Woot woot!

The Office: Okay, I know Michael is supposed to be a terrible manager but part of what made the show work was that he was competent enough that we could totally buy why he was able to keep the job. When he had to go with Jan to the deposition over her wrongful dismissal suit, I didn't buy that Michael would be THAT stupid to say the stuff he did, making inappropriate jokes when he did. I know it's his schtick but even he would have known better. It seemed a little too forced awkwardness when he should have known better. What DID work was Jan using Michael's diary in her defence. Now that's believable awkward. That and having Toby sit in as the HR rep (even though they didn't use him enough).

Meanwhile, Kelly taunts Pam for having a boyfriend who loses in ping-pong and Pam sets up a makeshift table to help him practice against the other office workers. Love it!

30 Rock: Oh poor Kenneth. Poor poor Kenneth.

Actually, poor Raheem, Liz's new neighbour (another SNL alum, Fred Armisen) who she suspects is actually a terrorist instead of someone who is just really excited to be applying to be on The Amazing Race. Poor poor Raheem.

Actually, poor CC, a democrat congresswoman Jack ends up sleeping with, unknowing of her political party allegiance. Poor poor CC (Edie Falco).

The Amazing Race: Oh well, the pretty sisters are out. The Ethiopian brother and sister team came in first at the pit stop in Africa. That's about all I got. That and uncooperative animals are always funny. This time, camels that needed to be milked and walked. First asses and now humps? What next?

Azaria & Hendekea - 1st Place
TK & Rachel - 2nd Place
Nathan & Jennifer - 3rd Place
Kynt & Vyxsin - 4th Place
Ron & Christina - 5th Place
Nicolas & Donald - 6th Place
Shana & Jennifer - 7th Place
Lorena & Jason - 8th Place
Marianna & Julia - eliminated

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