Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Fox? And It's Not Cancelled Yet?

House - Whatever It Takes - Ep. 406
Bones - Intern in the Incinerator - Ep. 406

How funny were House and Bones last night? (That sounds like some secret Ivy League society... and on Fox... I see a conspiracy here somewhere. Plus, the shows have been funnier than ever. And it hasn't been cancelled yet? On Fox? Notorious great comedy killer? Don't betray me now! Not again!). Both shows put a slight twist on things last night, when House gets poached by the CIA to solve a case, and Booth goes on a fake date with Cam in order to appease her father, meanwhile, an intern in the facility is found dead in an incinerator. Ew.

There's a case of a drag racer who collapses in front of Biff (Tom Wilson, always Biff in my books) and House and the new ducklings are on the case. At least until House gets taken away to the CIA to help out on a case with Michael Michelle. A man who basically looks really gross with things on his face and looking gaunt (think a heroin addict attacked by mosquitoes) is mystifying the CIA. But really, all that medical stuff is irrelevant.

The show really is great when we have Cuddy trying to chase down House, and not believing Wilson when he reveals that House is at the CIA. Who would? Cuddy punishes Wilson for what she perceives as covering for House and lying about his whereabouts.

Dr. Wilson: Why are you punishing me worse then him?
Dr. Cuddy: Because House never learns. You might.

I love Cuddy. Love Wilson!

Love that House programmed Amber's phone number as "Conniving Bitch" (Wait. Did I get the correct adjective?). Either way. There's a battle of sorts when Foreman takes over with everyone running to Cameron trying to figure out what kinda boss Eric is. Mistakes are made, this disease, no that. Same as every week but again, having all the new ducklings fighting each other is still pretty entertaining.

Over on Bones, an intern is found dead which affect Angela. Sam Jones III (Smallville) is a rival intern Tyler Neville and since he's kind of known, my household kept thinking he's the killer. Why else would he be on the show? Xander Berkeley (24) is a creepy Dr. Harlan Bancroft who is too obvious to be a killer but have threatens Angela that she would have been next, if he was the killer.

Everyone thinks the case has to do with the Gorgonzola/Gorgamon(?) case as things from the vault are suspected as the murder weapon.

In the end, it was accidental though a whole fraud scheme is discovered in the process but really, let's talk about Booth. How hot/funny was he reacting to Cam's sister planting a kiss on him? Then when they started fighting about it? Then blaming Booth for the whole thing? Classic.

Or when Zach points out to a distressed Angela, distressed for a suspect cheating on his wife, that Angela is in fact a married woman cheating on her husband with Hodgins. Hodgins gives him a nice smacking. Poor Zach!

Finally, Booth and Bones continue their flirtatious dance over some wine after the case is solved.

Brennan: I'm offended, because...because I...
Booth: Because you were betrayed by one of your own.
Brennan: Yes. Are you going to betray me?
Booth: No.

Enuf said!

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Franzi said...

Gormogon -- an actual secret society, apparently, which doesn't surprise me since Bones generally does its homework.

I *think* Amber was "evil bitch", but I could be wrong.

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