Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween's Leftover Bones and Haunted House

Bones - Mummy in the Maze - Ep. 305
House - Mirror, Mirror - Ep. 405

SO last night I went out to eat ribs, and then came home to watch Bones. On Halloween. It wasn't planned that way.

For the Americans out there: How did you love Pushing Daisies? (And yes, I used the word Love cause there really are no other options).

So between life, work, work, life, weddings (attending), life, work, and more work, I'm (GASP) falling behind on my TV. The Big Bang Theory, last weeks House, Private Practice, almost all of Boston Legal, 2 weeks of Heroes, Everybody Hates Chris, (um, and Carpoolers... I know. Shameful), this weeks Samantha Who?, a few weeks worth of Journeyman are all still waiting at home to be caught up on (and I've just given up on Big Shots and Bionic Woman completely now). At least Gossip Girl wasn't on this week and Beauty and the Geek was a recap episode. Whew. And maybe it's good that Pushing Daisies is not on next week since I'll be out everynight.

Yet Bones is becoming one of those shows I feel compelled to watch right away. I've always contended it was a good show but I never felt like I had to be caught up weekly with it, usually watching them in mini-marathons every month or so, but this year, between the continuing flirtatious denial between Bones and Booth, Angela's searching for her mysterious ex-husband so that she could marry Hodgins, and the return of Zach, plus a few good guest/re-occurring guest spots (YAY! John Francis Daley (Freaks and Geeks) is apparently joining as a regular cast member as Dr. Sweet! SWEET!) I'm totally loving Bones.

This week on Bones, a mummified dead body is found in a Halloween maze and as things unravel (ahem), 1 more mummy is found in a haunted house, and another girl has just gone missing, all pointing to some creepy dude, Ryder Strong (Boy Meets World and I'll never let him forget it).

Angela and Hodgins hire a PI Amber (Azura Skye, as flighty as ever, here used to ingenious effect as a detailed oriented PI who really gets into her work) to search for Angela's ex. She finds him, and finds out he's still in love with her, and refusing the divorce papers.

Plus, it's also the Halloween party thrown to suck out the money from the big money in Washington so everyone is required to dress up. Poor Zach is the back half of a cow and Booth becomes one of the squints (and both looking adorable as ever). The always lovely Angela looks fabulous as Cher, and Bones is Wonder Woman and verbally battles over the more powerful superhero with Catwoman Camille.

Brennan: Is that your costume?
Cam: Ah, yah!
Brennan: It's sexually alluring.
Cam: Thank you. I'm Catwoman. (Brennan looks at her questioningly) A superhero. One of the most powerful female superhero figures.
Brennan: (laughs) I don't think so.
Cam: Are you kidding, Catwoman?
Brennan: Can you fly?
Cam: I have nine lives.
Brennan: Super strength, super speed, force people to tell the truth?
Cam: I think I'm pretty fast.
Brennan: Pretty fast is not super speed.

Over on House:

The remaining ducklings (they are STILL in the interview process? I thought this would be over by now. Not that I'm complaining. I still like this change up even though we sort of know what the outcome will be since we know which actors are joining the main cast (the most famous of the bunch basically))

Frank Whaley (whatever happened to him? He seemed so promising after holding his own against then-still-hot-Kevin Spacey in Swimming with Sharks)is the patient-of-the-week with symptoms where he seems to mimic everything around him. The race is on to solve the case as Chase sets up bets against the next fired duckling.

Foreman, House and Cuddy seem to be in a locked battle over Foreman's fate with Cameron calling out Foreman for secretly enjoying House's abuse, and thus, staying put.

I'm a little confused since I still haven't seen last weeks episode (and I hadn't planned on watching this weeks first but just happened that way) but I have to admit, I'm loving House again after getting seriously bored last year with the proceduralness of it all. It still is, only with more ducklings now, but just having Kal Penn and Olivia Wilde there seems to have revitalised the show a LOT. Plus letting Cameron and Chase high up on their horse, looking down at all the poor new ducklings have made them fun again!


LinzMcC said...

Funny you should ask about Frank Whaley. I looked him up recently when my sister passed him on the street in NYC and he waved to her from his bicycle. Isn't he nice? Anyway, seems he is more behind the scenes today than in front of the camera, and doing theatre work.

I also watched Bones last night and i was excited to see Shawn working, even if he is a registered sex offender. I miss the old Cory/Shawn days...

Pushing Daisies was great. I love NED! This show could not get better. Well, bring Raul Esparza back :)

vance said...

And what happened to Eric Matthews (Will Friedle)? Or TOPANGA!!!??? I Loved TOPANGA! I LOVE SAYING "TOPANGA"!

PD. Seriously. Next week I think I may have a mini melt down from withdrawal.

LinzMcC said...

Well haven't you seen Topanga in her bikini in the Nutrisystem magazine ads? Seriously. She looks good. Glad she has a job anyway. And, apparently, she is also a correspondent on the Tyra Banks show. You have forced me to go to imdb like 5 times today. Just a sec. Have to go for Will Friedle now. OK looks like all he has done the last several years is (a lot of) voice work.

Well at least you can get caught up on your tv. And continue obsessing over Neil. I can't wait for the tour!!

Liz said...

Wow, I have to say, those are NOT costumes I'd choose if I wanted to be respected as a woman in the workplace. That said, I don't actually watch Bones, so I don't know what the deal is over there...

Ann said...

Okay, I realize its been like, forever sine that last post, but I feel compelled to answer. The great thing about BONES is that they're all one great big family. They have all gone to bat for each other on numerous occasions, and are comfortable enough to wear what they want (and trust me, Halloween is the only night they dress up like that. I love the fact that they are so comfortable with each other they don't have to worry about gaining respect. They have already done that, so now they can have fun!

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