Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Defense of Project Runway

Tim and Heidi are back tonight!

Not that Brian Bailey is bad or anything (and at least FAR better than Ben de Lisi) and Iman simply ROCKS (how regal! how motherly!) on Project Runway Canada but the bitchier bitches are back on Project Runway Season 4 on Bravo in the States.

Okay, I know, there is a writer's strike on and there's debate over if we should even be watching reality TV but I say, we should not watch the reality tv that they will be replacing our favourite scripted shows with in the new year (no to the new season of Big Brother which they are apparently rushing to cast right now. After several years of the worst people winning, I'm done with it). Still, my reasoning/excuse is that Project Runway (and The Amazing Race and Beauty and the Geek) are "quality" reality TV which actually serve a decent purpose, plus, all three were (mostly?) shot before the writers strike started. Plus, at least Project Runway is a competition about creating something.

Anyways, I'm playing along with the Project Runway 4 Fantasy League with my picks below after the jump:

It is total random guessing based on faces (I read the profiles a long time ago but can barely remember now) and who I think would be the least flaky and at least survive week 1.

Apparently I also picked Marion to win when the designers were first announced.

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