Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just Another Grey Thursday And That's Just Downright Ugly!

Ugly Betty - Giving up the Ghost - Ep. 209
Grey's Anatomy - Crash Into Me: Part 1 - Ep. 409

It's not even Thanksgiving up here in Canada (we already had the REAL Thanksgiving last month) but I sure am thankful it's Thursday again and that ABC still has a few episodes left of Ugly Betty! So Bring It On! And bring on Eliza Dushku as a rehabbed movie star (aren't they all?)!!! OMG ELIZA!!!

And apparently it's Buffy night on ABC with fellow alum Seth Green appearing on Grey's Anatomy!

I'm thankful the drama and the laughs on Ugly Betty haven't died down since Bradford Meade died last week.

I'm thankful they let Claire out of jail (and Judith Light gets to return) to attend Bradford's funeral. A funeral Wilhelmina crashes (with the whispers of the shocked by none other than trusting evil gay assistant Marc and Marc and Marc and Marc...). Luckily, Claire's got a pretty good leg to trip Wilhelmina and push her into the grave.

Seeking revenge, Wilhelmina returns to mode and unlocks operation Medussa-X, a computer virus that deletes all the files from Mode computers, losing the entire issue of Mode. Oh Snap! EVIL! Terrific!

Betty, still at home with the Suarez's decorating the tree, returns to Mode for one night only to help Daniel and Alexis save the magazine. Only to have Wilhelmina and Marc unveil the launch of "Slater" Magazine as they poach most of the Mode staff (enticing them with free cosmetic surgery which Amanda urges Betty to take!).

Marc and Amanda, the best comic evil bitchy duo are GASP, split, as Marc leaves with "Slater" while Amanda stays at Mode, her mother's magazine. OH NO!

With a skeleton staff, Betty cheers everybody on as Henry is given the Food Editor's job (love Henry hanging out with the cool kids, Alexis and Daniel), Amanda is sent off to write What's Hot, and Alexis tries to use her boobs to entice the printers to give them some more time. Meanwhile, Daniel, with Betty along for help, go to the rehab centre to bust out starlet Cameron (Eliza Dushku, vamping it up as the spoiled nutbar movie star) to reshoot the cover that they had lost.

Amanda, with little inspiration, unwilling to partake with perspiration, comes in with a last minute idea for her article but Sheila sees little of Fay's legacy within a saddened Amanda in another nice emotional deepening (at least while we have her and Marc separated) of her character.

Plus, it's nice they have Christina there to comfort her, since as always, they don't use Christina well enough.

Daniel and Betty (again, with such an awesome dynamic together) are met with a conundrum when Cameron refuses to come out for the shoot unless she got drugs or alcohol and Daniel is tempted to give it to her. Alexis is met with a new guy at the printers who sees through her ploy. Both live under the shadow of Bradford but it's a TV show so they get over it after a talk from non-typical heroes (Betty and Harvey, a little person working at the printers).

Daniel doesn't betray moral boundaries and loses the movie star cover, but instead, comes up with a better more fitting cover (a blacked out tribute to Bradford Meade) for Mode with Betty's inspiration. Christina urges Amanda to seek her father out, and Alexis, in a grounded talk with Harvey, manages to convince the printers to hold off a few more hours that would save Mode from death on the same day they bury Bradford.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina asks Daddy (Ron Canada, is there an ABC show he hasn't guested on now?) for help, but he's disappointed at the vapid person she's become and refuses her the money. (Um, is this where we might get another Bring It On! alum, since Gabrielle Union as Wilhelmina's sister may be possible if the WGA strike ends).

As Daniel and Alexis learn to stand on their own, excising the ghost of Bradford Meade, Betty herself, who had been seeing visions of Alan Dale (not ready to be unemployed yet), moves on as she makes peace with working at Mode and instilling her sparkle around the people of Mode. Betty brings the pink and silver sparkle (though not gold as Justin had wanted) home with a new Christmas tree to replace the traditional one her mom had started and Hilda had burned down in a new tradition for the Suarez's to live on.

On Grey's Anatomy, Seth Green shows up as Nick, a man with a an open vein on his neck (Ewwwww) and Gale Harold is no longer Queer as Folk but white as supremacist. Plus John Billingsley (The Nine) as a patient with tons of kids.

An ambulance accident right outside the hospital traps two poor guys in the car in a nice emotionally manipulative and thoroughly satisfying sad story as Meredith and Richard try to keep them alive long enough for one of the wives to talk to them since one of them is too damaged to survive.

Ava shows up just as Alex was getting back on with Lexi and Lexi and Ava meet in the observatory room because Alex is an idiot who sent Ava to sneak in to watch (which is why Ava is in scrubs).

Bailey, who is having marital troubles for working too hard, must aid another EMT (Gale Harold) from the ambulance accident but he refuses her help. He refuses Richard's help, and asks for a male white doctor. She enlists Christina's help who discovers the big swastika tattooed on his stomach.

Bailey no longer wants people to call her the Nazi. That was always funny but actually kinda bothered me but I thought I was just supersensitive. Odd since I'm kinda unpolitically correct in many other things.

Nick who had been bonding with Lexi and sharing stories of his shallow ex-girlfriend, part jokingly asks Lexi out after Lexi discovers Alex who she had just rekindled with, is the nice guy within the jerk who is actually a jerk, until the laughter causes Nick's vein to burst all over Lexi in another week of gross outs from Grey's Anatomy.

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