Monday, November 12, 2007

TV Bloggers Favourite New Shows

Just as I put out my list of current Top 10 shows to watch right now, Scooter McGavin put together our fellow blogger friends favourite new shows of the season (must have debuted after August 1st 2007) now that we've had several weeks to really watch them and not just base them on our initial kneejerk reaction to the pilots. Like Scooter puts it, last year most people hadn't thought about Friday Night Lights as the one to watch for (well, ahem, I did but whose counting? Though I do admit I didn't think it would last) He "tallied up all the votes and entered them into a scientific method that would make Einstein smile, and here is the list that came out the other side" :

1. Pushing Daisies - ABC (8)
2. Chuck - NBC (2)
3. Dirty Sexy Money - ABC
4. The Big Bang Theory - CBS
5. Gossip Girl - CW
6. Aliens in America - CW
7. Samantha Who? - ABC
8. Moonlight - CBS (1)
9. Reaper - CW
10. Journeyman - NBC

(numbers in parentheses denote first place votes)
Also receiving votes: Life, Woman’s Murder Club, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Cane

Voters: Dan, Ducky, Kath, Jo, Liz, Rae, Sandie, Scooter McGavin, Tube Talk Girl, TVFan, Vance

No real big surprise with the top choices. It's interesting to compare our initial excitements and see what has lived up to expectations (Pushing Daisies, Chuck), what has surprised us (The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, Aliens in America) and what is dropping (Reaper) and what is holding on to its last breathe (Bionic Woman, Cane, Private Practice).

And AHEM... again, I think I did a pretty good prediction on what would be good or not. Did I not call out the bad Cane and Bionic Woman while going out on a limb for Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory and Aliens in America? Hehe...

Anyways, my ballot that I submitted to Scooter was this:
1. Pushing Daisies
2. Chuck
3. Aliens in America
4. Gossip Girl
5. Samantha Who? (although I had debated back and forth between this and The Big Bang Theory)

Dirty Sexy Money would have been next. It's getting better, but it's still not there yet for me.

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Scooter McGavin said...

Just to clarify, I was just referring to myself about Friday Night Lights not the massses in general> I remwmber one critic called it the best pilot he ever saw. What I saw was just a bunch of sports cliches and Trya, Lyla, Smash and Tim being one-note. Luckily it didn't stay that way (okay, they may have stuffed a couple more sports cliches since).

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