Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vote for the Green Party on NBC

30 Rock - Greenzo - Ep. 205
The Office - Survivor Man - Ep. 407

I don't have time to write much tonight since I have to get up early to catch an early flight tomorrow but I just HAD to comment on 30 Rock. I don't think I had time to breathe between the laughter. Plus, there's some green week initiative it seems on NBC with their little symbol all green. Was it like that all week? Have I actually missed TV on NBC all week? I guess I have.

Kenneth the Page is throwing another one of his parties much to Liz's dismay but Tracy helps start a rumour to make sure everyone attends. The party ends up in debauchery. I cannot even believe to tell you everything that happens. I don't want to sour your innocence if you didn't watch already. Kenneth shames everyone the next morning, including the Harlem Globetrotter.

Jack hires a green mascot (David Schwimmer, continueing this season's tradition of getting former Must See TV star as guest stars) for his idea of GREENZO, a new green earth saving superhero mascot who starts taking his lines into his own hand. After firing Greenzo when he goes bozo, Jack manages to get Al Gore as a replacement under false pretenses but Al's having none of it and hears a baby whale that needs saving.

I seriously cannot begin to describe how funny this episode was. If Ugly Betty has secured a spot in the top 3, 30 Rock will be giving it a run for its glam money.

On The Office, Michael and Dwight go on some wilderness survival thing and as much as I love Steve Carrell, their hi-jinks shenanigans are getting a bit too much (though it's still really funny).

Jim tries to throw one massive birthday party for all the nearby birthdays instead of having separate ones where Michael can sing at a high pitch everytime. Toby, whose birthday was partially skipped because of Michael, wants to join but Angela will have none of that. Angela also mistakenly calls Jim "Michael" as Jim takes over the managing duties while Michael's away. Jim slowly realizes he might be turning into a Michael.

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