Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Ugly, The Bad and the Good

I'm going to go a bit backwards and start with THE UGLY:

As my sister said it best...


I actually love Mario Lopez. I definitely had a dream years ago that he was in, details of which I cannot mention. But he is SOOOO wrong for the role of Zach in Broadway's A Chorus Line. I'm horrified.

THE BAD: That's me. For being a TV slacker. Considering there's barely anything on, I'm still totally falling behind with the entire season of Breaking BAD still to be watched and I haven't touched Damages yet, nor any of the DVD's I was going to catch up with (Dexter, Big Love, The Wire).

Meanwhile, I totally gave up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I couldn't even make it to the season finale last night, despite the short season. I know it's a big hit and people seem to love it but I couldn't take it anymore.

THE GOOD (with a little BAD in it): I finally watched last week's ABC special presentation of A Raisin in the Sun (the DVD will be released May 6th) and while I'm not a fan of Puff Daddy "the idea", I still would like to see him do good as a person, and it was funny to see him humbled sitting next to Phylicia Rashad, who got the standing ovation on Oprah as they were doing the publicity rounds. Seriously, Claire Huxtable can whoop P. Diddy's ass.

So I was a little disappointed with Sean Combs unsurprisingly mediocre performance. It wasn't Keanu Much Ado About Nothing Reeves bad but it wasn't great, and when he is standing next to Tony winners Phylicia Rashad, Audra MacDonald and Tony nominee Sanaa Lathan, he has got a lot to live up to.

I've never seen the play or any earlier incarnations but while the story has probably become a cliche in the years since it was first written, it still was pretty moving, especially aided by the superb performances from the women. Rashad and MacDonald are just legendary now, but Sanaa Lathan (above) was a revelation. I've always heard she was good but I've never actually seen any of her stuff, but count me as a new fan.

Meanwhile, who is John Stamos' agent? Because the agent is sure pushing him in interesting directions. Who would have thought he could resurrect his career from Uncle Jesse to a gig on ER, taking on gay rights in Wedding Wars and now the civil rights in A Raisin In the Sun? (Okay, he plays a white racist creep but he's in a movie with Claire Huxtable! With Uncle Jesse!) Really cool!

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