Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best of The B Shows - Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Beauty and the Geek

Bones - The Baby in the Bough - Ep. 312
The Big Bang Theory - The Nerdmabelia Scattering - Ep. 114
Beauty and the Geek - Extra Special - Ep. 507

I'd have a post about G shows Greek and Gossip Girl but we aren't getting them in Canada now and I'm still bitter about it... think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...

So I will continue my beloved devotion to my B list shows like Bones. I still haven't given it the Bolded Red 4 Stars pass (see Tapeworthy sidebar), but it's always on the cusp of getting into my top shows. It has the handicap of being a procedural holding it back. I know. Unfair especially since it excels where the typical procedurals falters, in that it gives humanity to its characters, humour in a dark grim world, and romance in the cold scientific calculations of all that lab forensics. From the way this season is playing out, the show probably does deserve to move into my 4 stars category.

This week, Bones and Booth find a baby amongst the remains of his mother and Bones becomes an automatic foster parent. Watching the scientific mind of Bones try to reason with the baby was priceless. I just love her literal frankness to it all.

Meanwhile, loved that Angela loved the baby and wanted a billion of them, and that Hodgins was happy to oblige, at least until his realization that a billion is a lot. Loved that he hoped a "billion" means 2.

Say what you will about my guilty pleasure The Big Bang Theory but the moment Sheldon went into the "future" with their newly bought time machine and the geeks ran around the apartment in superspeed (like a movie on fast forward), I was on the floor laughing. That was downright hysterical!

Finally, I wasn't going to bring up Beauty and the Geek since they basically pawned off a repackaged "clips" episode last week that makes the studio execs very very happy for saving lots of money on an already cheap show to shoot, but we got to see a new makeover from a geek that was already kicked off the show. So I fell for it and watched the entire episode. (Damn! I'm always a sucker for this show and especially the makeovers!)

Jim, who I admit, I barely remembered and barely cared for, got his whole 70's hippies look made over and honestly, in a year where none of the actual makeovers made a huge impact, this one was truly stunning and unrecognizable. Seriously, the new Jim, still geekily cute, looked DAMN good! He even mentioned they told him he looked like Ryan Gosling (which he actually kinda did) even though Jim didn't know who that was.

He kinda gave me the whole singer/songwriter vibe like Josh Kelley or John Mayer. Seriously, unrecognizable.

I haven't found a photo yet but I'll update this if I do.


RTVW said...

...but the moment Sheldon went into the "future" with their newly bought time machine and the geeks ran around the apartment in superspeed (like a movie on fast forward), I was on the floor laughing.

Me too! I re-watched that one little bit way too many times. I thought it was a strong Monday night of TV but that one little moment was, by far, my favorite of the night.

Vance said...

and to think I didn't even get to watch Greek or Gossip Girl or have time for Samantha Who? and House... when did Mondays get so busy?

Seriously, I'm trying to find that clip online cause it was genius!

Amanda said...

I was bummed about GG but then realized that we get the CW from Buffalo on our old-school antenna. Want to come over on Mondays?

Vance said...

Sure but aren't you guys busy until your vaca?

Michelle said...

Lucky you Amanda! The Fox affiliate that we get from Vermont dropped the CW a few months ago and replaced it with crappy local news. Boo!

Vance said...

Michelle, you watched CW stuff?

I'm shocked.

Pleased. but Shocked.

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