Monday, April 21, 2008

Brothers & Sisters - Family Reunion

Separation Anxiety - Ep. 213

Welcome back Walkers! I missed you! So have the liquor store salesperson. (Oh don't look so shocked, you know it!)

While I felt that Brothers & Sisters was faltering a bit over this season back in the fall and winter, separating every characters stories into different directions, they've returned from the strike refreshed, renewed, 3 months in the future and dramatically satisfying, like a good wine accompanying a good meal (which the Walker's definitely know something about).

And the writer's were smart, throwing all the brothers and sisters back together in some convoluted reason (always the fun part of the show) just because when the Walkers are back together, the show soars. This time, Isaac asks Nora to move in with him... to Washington D.C., and the kids all find out and try sneaking into the home to verify the rumours. Right during Nora and Isaac's romantic dinner. Terrific! Awkward!

Love when each brother and sister slowly tries sneaking in, and Nora catching all of them. Then Kevin catches Isaac selling Nora on his DC lifestyle with house and boat included.

So the brothers take Isaac out golfing and grill him for dating their mom. Sarah is still seeing Graham and feeling conflicted about colliding her personal life with business affairs. Holly and David are seeing a LOT of each other. Which Rebecca and Justin walked in on. Ew.

So there's more implying by David that he might be Rebecca's daddy but Holly objects.

When David gives Rebecca an expensive birthday present, Holly recognizes it as his mother's heirloom and Justin overhears the conversation, spilling the secret to Rebecca.

I hope they don't make Rebecca a non-Walker since it will disconnect her from the family and give an opening for her to date Justin just because in real life Emily VanCamp and Dave Annable get along really well. They were able to hold that off on Everwood (when she dated her TV brother Chris Pratt) so PLEASE do NOT go there. That's just gross and creepy now. And again, I like the connection of her into the Walkers clan. 

At least they had to throw Rebecca a birthday party and they host it at the Walkers again! Two reasons for a reunion in this one episode! It really IS a welcome back! So now EVERYBODY is together in the house, including Jack, Sarah's date Graham (who makes a nice comment that he's new here so has no idea what's going on), and Uncle Saul! More awkwardness ensues, more family drama! Love that the Walkers can never simply have a nice respectable meal as planned.

Finally, it was nice that they moved 3 months ahead and thereby got to fast forward through Robert's losing campaign. Robert gets to return his attention to the 3 months more pregnant Kitty, at least until the political itch starts spreading again and they hint at Robert's invitation to become part of the Republicans' VP ticket. It's a nice move to lower the political campaigning content while still keeping it in.

Anyways, Scotty was missing this week (and only heard from on the phone with Kevin) but it seems like they are saving him for next week when he becomes officially part of the family. What?!

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