Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get Bash'd

You know why I see theatre? Because that moment you see a piece that totally mesmerizes you, enthralls you, and takes your breathe away can be such a thrill that the intimate proximity to the live actors on stage is practically orgasmic. (Practically). It's rare but when it happens, it's life changing (even with all the musicals and shows I see, it is still rare though, with only Rent, Ragtime, Metamorphoses, Spring Awakening, Company, A Chorus Line, Parade, La Boheme,, the Ballet, and this past weekends Kiss of the Spider Woman as the most glaring examples I've experienced).

Another reason? Because when you actually MISS something that everyone talks about, there's no way to ever catch it ever again! (At least that incarnation of it).

And I'm still kicking myself for procrastinating last year until it was too late to get tickets to Bash'd when it played the Toronto Fringe Festival, and I didn't even realize it returned to Toronto this year until AFTER the show closed, so I'm excited to hear that the Edmonton born musical about a gay couple that gets gay bashed is opening Off-Broadway in New York starting in June 12th! Did I mention the entire thing is done in RAP format? Yeah, Crazy!

The duo of Nathan Cuckow (left) and Chris Craddock wrote and perform this Gay Rap Musical (now those are words you never really thought you'd hear together) and apparently it's AMAZING. Moving, funny, disturbing, emotional, hard-ass edgy. Again, what a weird combination. But an importance message of tolerance told through rhyme and that's kinda neat.

On a serious note, I read this interview with Matthew Sheppard's mom Judy Sheppard which is incredibly moving and just shows you how far we've come and how far we still need to go. (via Towleroad) I never got to see The Laramie Project and would still love to, as Matthew Sheppard's death had a profound affect on me (and I'm sure many others).

On a lighter note, the co-creator of Bash'd Chris Craddock also wrote the hilarious musical Boygroove, a spoof on the whole boyband thing that came after 2gether but before Altar Boyz but is probably the funniest of them all (and they are ALL VERY FUNNY).

I'm going to have add THIS one to my Theatreworthy list to see TOO...

Bash'd will open in previews June 12 at the Zipper Factory in New York for an official opening June 23rd.

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