Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory - The Bitter Mirror

How I Met Your Mother - The Chain of Screaming - Ep. 315

The Big Bang Theory - The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization - Ep. 109, The Loobenfeld Decay - Ep. 110, The Pancake Batter Anomaly - Ep 111, The Jerusalem Duality - Ep. 112

Since carpets are technically one of the worst things for your home, essentially homes for micro-yuck stuff laying in the forest of fibers, Lily's search for the best carpet working in tandem with her need to continue consumating her marriage was both gross and amusing, but still kinda gross. But amusing. But when you think about the carpets, really kind of gross.

The fact that I just saw my boss get reamed out by the big boss yesterday in one loud screaming fit (right in our open office as well (also why I've had to blog less (or none at all) at my new work), only made me more disturbed watching the main storyline concentrated on Marshall being yelled at by his boss at the new corporate evil law firm. I know it was nice to get the plot going again to pull Marshall out of the law firm (which they barely really investigated) and back on track towards fighting for the environment and the good fight, but the timing couldn't be worse for me. Especially since I've had tons of work to do and have been doing it really slowly out of complete boredom (is it bad that I'm already bored and ready to move onto the next project after being here less than 2 months?) and so I'm anticipating being yelled at soon, though realistically it's not going to happen because I know I'm the least of my boss' problems at this point (and I still get things done on time in the end). Still, I'm waiting for that circle of yell or whatever it's called (The Circle Chain of Screaming? The Lesson of Blauman?) to come back at me because that's just what happens in life. Stupid yelling people. Idiots.

So maybe this episode was incredibly funny, but I wouldn't know. All I kept thinking of were visions of my possible near future. That ice cream they were having in Ted's new car looked awfully comforting though! So I wish I could judge the episode on its own but all it did was stress me out some more. I did like how everyone got to play Marshall and give their own methods of dealing with the screaming boss.

Plus, there was no clues to How Ted Met The Mother. Cute but I was ready to move onto the next episode already. It wasn't the comfort food TV that I required this week, but somehow the silliness on The Big Bang Theory did.

I know my love for The Big Bang Theory has made some fellow bloggers question my tastes but I'm standing by it, and I still can't believe I'm saying that towards a Chuck Lorre show. It's not genius or anything but it's light, it's easy to digest and it's cute enough to enjoy. Particularly whenever Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is on the screen. Still, I enjoy Johnny Galecki's Leonard, Kaley Cuoco's Penny and the nerd posse of Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar's Simon and Rajnesh are totally growing on me like crystals to a sugar cube (or whatever that science project was again).

As an easy going hard working competitive lazy ass (yes, that perfectly describes me by the way), I tend to compare myself to my competition, making sure I'm always near the front of the race (I know I know, what race? Life isn't a race, whatever, I need to be best. I'm Chinese and I was trained that way) yet I want the easiest way to win with the least amount of sweat work exerted (I want to win, I didn't say I want to work hard, only just enough to let everyone else know I want to win and for everyone to THINK that I'm hard working (ha!)). So I loved when Sheldon got jealous of the new 15 year old North Korean genius that joins that university, giving Sheldon his first viable competition in his lifetime.

In fact, every annoying neuroses that should make Sheldon into the most annoying character around actually makes him even more lovable, although I guess it helps when every other character in the show recognizes that same fact (and that I can totally relate with Sheldon so I have to love him in defence of myself). Loved when Sheldon got sick and everyone scattered, or when Sheldon and Leonard continued their fight from last year (though I can't remember what made them fight but does that really matter at this point?).

Anyways, enough defending, I'm just going to enjoy to forget the rest of the day (but this still doesn't excuse watching TRULY idiotic shows like Lorre's other show).


Ryler32 said...

I love The Big Bang Theory, too. It is the best new sitcom in years.

Anonymous said...

Kaley is great! I loved her old show "8 Simple Rules". Her co-star, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) just did a great interview about the show:


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