Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reality Check - DWTS, Survivor, Oprah's Big Give, Most Smartest Model

Did Dancing with the Stars just announce Ozomatli as guest performers on tonight's result show? Wow. Cool. Wow. Really? Cool.

Am I the only one who liked Eliza and wanted her and the adorable (if not too bright) Jason to do better on Survivor: Micronisia - Fans Vs. Favorites? I guess the smugness of Ozzy has finally gotten to me and the fact that he seems to have the whole thing sealed up in a bag is turning my own allegiances.

I have just had no inkling to continue watching Oprah's Big Give (other than to suck up to Oprah that I watched her show when I become BFF with her soon) and it's been collecting on my PVR for weeks now, but just as I was about to delete them all, I decided just to watch a bit of one and I'm totally suckered back in. I loved the episode where they had to give away $100,000 away fast without giving any individual more than $500 each. So fun!

I still think the judges are seem like an odd fit on the show, and I still feel like Jamie Oliver should be cooking away or continue his School Dinners fight, but whatever, how can you turn down Oprah?

Meanwhile, we FINALLY got America's Most Smartest Model here in Canada and it's absolute genius! Genius I tell ya!

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