Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Surprise Surprise... yawn... Wait WHAT? Canadian?

Ha, was I right or was I right?

Rob Thomas has dropped out of the 90210 remake to concentrate on his other 2 series (one being Cupid).

Also, Luke MacFarlane who plays cutie Scotty on Brothers & Sisters has officially come out. But the surprising thing I found out while reading his interview with Canada's Globe and Mail is that he's CANADIAN! WHAT?

How did I not know that? That explains why he's so likeable (:P) It also proves that unless you are Without A Trace, you need at least one Canadian in every series for it to be successful. Think about it. (:P!!!) (Although they already had Emily VanCamp on B&S anyways).

And another thing? Apparently he will now be a series regular on Brothers & Sisters!!! Which probably explain these photos from the upcoming episodes:

So, I also wonder if those rumours of him and Wentworth Miller are true then? Or if he was previously dating T.R. Knight? I know. I'm terrible (Muriel).


Michelle said...

Of course, Without a Trace has the next best thing to a Canadian....a Brit!

Vance said...

And Two Aussies! So I guess it's a commonwealth thing.

Esther said...

I love "Brothers and Sisters." Ironic, isn't it, in a show where there's all sorts of infidelity and divorce going on, it's Kevin and Scotty who can't get hitched because that would supposedly "threaten" the institution of marriage! I like the way Kevin's character is presetned, too, not for laughs or as some tragic figure, or someone struggling with his sexuality, but as a normal, average, well-adjusted person who just happens to be gay. And in that family, he's probably the most together person of any of them!

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