Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Surprise surprise... yawn... wait WHAT? Canadians Won't Get To See This?

No real surprise last week. No real surprise this week.

After much speculation on who would come out of the closet on the show Gossip Girl, someone finally blabbed and...

It's who we all thought: (UPDATE: But it's NOT who I thought would be the man he would be making out with! Well, though it kinda makes sense... spoiler after the jump, Apr. 23, 2008):

According to Kelly Rutherford, they already shot the scenes where the mother was the last to know. As I somehow doubt it's Serena, this leaves Eric as the new homosexual on the block. Yay! I've always loved Conor Paolo's take on Eric and his sweet relationship with Serena and this will get him into more gossip on the show!

A show which CTV in Canada didn't AIR LAST NIGHT much to my annoyance, and which has still yet to schedule it anywhere on its CSI/L&O/DWTS/Idol filled schedule. WTF?

Back to Eric van der Woodsen, wouldn't it be weird if he started dating Dan by season 4 when Dan starts going both ways like he did in the book? Awkward!


Eric is going to make out with Jesse Swenson's new character Asher Hornsby who happens to be Jenny's new boyfriend. Oh, AWKWARD!

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