Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hunter In Spring - Oh, I WAS Right!

After thinking I had been mistaken, I've actually been proved correct in my one time jump on the gossip when I noted (back in February) that Hunter Parrish (looking very "awokened" this season on Weeds) is joining the cast of Broadway's Spring Awakening as the new Melchior, to replace Canadian Kyle Riabko as Riabko prepares to go on the National Tour for the show starting later this summer.

I WAS right!

Hunter Parrish begins August 18th 2008.

He can be currently seen in Weeds. If you haven't seen Weeds, you must see it from the start. It's totally great!

Hunter Parrish was also in Freedom Writers and will be in the upcoming 17 Again with fellow young musical hottie Zac Efron.

I guess musicals are the thing to do now for the young and upcomers!

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