Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Delayed Reality On Demand - Real World: Austin

OMG. Danny and Melinda actually got married.

I wonder what happened to the other Real World: Austin couple, Wes and Johanna? Last I heard, they were broken up but I've been missing most of the recent (guilty pleasure) RWvsRR shows so I have no idea.

Since we never really got Real World in Canada until recently, I have this fetish for watching the old ones On Demand (for free, please, like I would actually pay for it? I already pay for it with the time I'll never get back in my life) and I really got into Austin.

Probably because I actually think Wes and Johanna are adorable and I knew they were engaged in real life (after the show ended) when I started watching it, and because Danny (Jamieson) and Melinda (Stolp) are BEAUTIFUL (and not complete assholes like the more recent RW beautiful tenants).

You may (or may not) remember that Danny was punched out in the first episode and pretty much had a patch on his eye for half the season. And THEN his mother suddenly died. Man. That was intense and sad. Seriously, that was an emotional roller coaster I never thought I would see on The Real World anymore. Not after Pedro at least. And that wasn't even during the taping.

I actually never finished watching all the episodes, which is what happens for almost every season (I think I've only seen Hawaii in full), but I just turned it back On Demand...Oh, the Dizzy Rooster! I forgot! Good times... good times...

Okay, back to reality now. At least, my reality...


Joe Reid said...

This is totally not a value judgment on you, but I thought Austin was the very worst Real World season ever, populated by the most vapid and detestable cast ever, most especially Danny, Melinda, Wes, and (to a lesser extent, but she gets it from Wes by osmosis) Johanna.

But, you know, to each their own. Heh.

Vance said...

Probably why I love the show! Ha!

But see, again, I haven't seen most other seasons. Only a bit of the original NY, SFO, Hawaii, and then some of the more recent ones. All these middle seasons are new to me...

Vance said...

oh wait. I did watch a bit of Denver, Las Vegas (wait, wasn't THAT the most vapid year?) and Sydney too... whoa... I've wasted a LOT of time haven't I?

Joe Reid said...

Las Vegas was redeemed however slightly by Brynn, who turned out to be awesome, and Arissa, who turned out to talk a lot of shit on the internet.

Denver was the only season I stopped watching, so I might give you that. Sydney was awesome enough to pull me back in. And Hawaii was one of my least favorite seasons too, with perhaps my #1 most hated cast member, Matt.

Vance said...

Ha, seriously, maybe we only get the bad seasons here in Canada.

never got London, New Orleans (oh Danny!), or the other "classics".

I dont even remember Matt... I think I watched Hawaii for Colin.

I started Chicago for Chris Beckman but since he was barely on, I trailed off.

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