Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toronto Is For Lovers...Of Boardgames?

Do people still play boardgames? Because I love them! Especially the classics like Monopoly, Clue and The Game of Life (I think I like the 3d pieces, the peg children and that spinny thing) and any of the shouting ones (Cranium, Taboo, Scategorries (well, not so much shouting but I tend to do well in that)).

In theory, I'm the nerd that would rather stay home playing boardgames with friends and my friends and I always talk about doing games night. Though we rarely do. Apparently we are nerds that go out. Usually we're too lazy to plan food around it and end up going out for the night but if anybody is actually planning a games night, I'm in!

So Monopoly announced an International Edition with cities of the world taking over the famed streets of Atlantic City and Toronto made it on the list! So did Vancouver! And Montreal actually got the prized Boardwalk spot! (Really? Montreal? I love the city I went to school in but have you seen the infrastructure lately? Scary). In fact, Canada got 3 spots, tying China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing) for the most cities that made it on the board!

In fact, I'm a bit shocked only 1 US city made it (New York).

So as a proud Torontonian to all the others... SUCK IT!
and as a Canadian... sorry... hehe!

But alas, Toronto only got the Virginia spot. We now take over the spot for lovers!

Vancouver got New York Avenue. (Shouldn't New York get New York Avenue?)

I had to actually look up Riga (Latvia) and Gdynia though so I'm not sure how much all this means and who even voted and how it was all tabulated.


Esther said...

I'm a Trivial Pursuit fan myself, which I believe was invented by two Canadians. Although I also like Monopoly. I was always partial to the Short Line.

Vance said...

Oh my goodness. How can I forget Trivial Pursuit!?

Except I need editions that are not US geared. Basically if we play the US edition, no one here ever gets the History stuff (since it's mostly American History). So it's always the impossible category for us.

Michelle said...

Even I'm shocked that Montreal got the Boardwalk spot. There was a fairly concerted effort by Tourism Montreal and other urban affairs groups to get people to vote online for the game, so it's a little rigged. Kinda like Stephen Colbert getting millions of people to vote for his name to go on some bridge in Hungary.

Linz McC said...

Vance, you need to play the Pop Culture edition of Trivial Pursuit. I dominate that thing. And not as much US history involved :)

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