Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gossip Girl - Up Chuck

Gossip Girl - The Ex-Files - Ep. 204

I figured something was up with the Lord and his step-mother The Duchess but I did NOT expect that Dan's new friend Amanda was something brilliantly concocted by Chuck. Genius!

I'm not sure I totally believed Serena's devolution into her old Queen Bee self, somehow turning moppy and sad after seeing Dan SPEAK to another girl (uh, please, like Serena would REALLY be jealous? and someone like Amanda? I. DON'T. THINK. SO.) but then turning so vile so fast towards him after HER mean girl friends horrifically Naired Amanda? Yah, so Dan ripped her a big one, but who wouldn't with meangirlfriends like that.

I'm not even totally sure how Serena becoming mean knocks Blair off the throne when Blair didn't even have anything to do with it, but I will say Chuck's marionette playing was a superb move!

As was Blair's against The step-mother Duchess until Vanessa ruins it all. Stupid Vanessa.

The only time I've liked Vanessa is when she's with Nate for some reason, but probably because I'm just starring at Nate's swoopy little shag.

And can you not wait for some brilliant comeuppance for the Mean Girls? at the hand of Jenny? Can't wait!

So this week's Spring Awakening cast member spotting: Remy Zaken (Original Broadway Thea) as the second girl trying out to be one of Blair's mean girls. The one with the shoes from last season. Bought on sale.

Krysta Rodriguez (who in one year appeared in SA, A Chorus Line and In The Heights! Talk about a good agent) and then Matt Doyle are apparently next.

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