Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Knowledge I've Gained From Watching A Bad Reality Show

I'm staying with friends in Orange County and they took me to dinner in Laguna Beach and even though I've never been, I totally recognized a few spots just from watching that damn assed TV show.

I swear, I stopped after the first season. Okay. Maybe partially through the second.

At least I've stopped myself at The Hills. Although the fact that I still seem to know everything going on with Lauren Conrad and co. is quite disturbing to me.

You know what though? The real Laguna Beach really is quite a lovely place. I could totally see myself living there. Now I just need a couple of million of dollars. Anyone? Anyone? Or I'll take a Stephen (although I really preferred Trey even though he was rarely on).

1 comment:

Linz McC said...

I've been meaning to drive down for a day just to check it out. I have heard it is gorgeous! I can honestly say I haven't watched enough Laguna Beach to recognize anything. I am so proud!

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