Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Season Premieres - The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters

The Amazing Race - Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This! - Ep. 1301
Desperate Housewives - You're Gonna Love Tomorrow - Ep. 501 - Season Premiere
Brothers & Sisters - Glass Houses - Ep. 301 - Season Premiere

Okay, they're off again! The racers are racing, the housewives are... housewifing? and the Brothers & Sisters are fighting again all in new seasons that premiered last night!

The Amazing Race is back for probably another Emmy winning season (6/6 wins, the odds are good for next year) and the new contestants are off to LAX to fly to Brazil!

Already love Nick and Starr as I had predicted but if I'm watching closely, it's mainly for Nick Spangler (who was in The Fantasticks recently) at this point who is cute and adorable AND seems like a great guy with a touch of devilish wit!

I was pretty much right about all my other predictions. Terence, was cool and cute for about 5 minutes until he got super nauseating and frazzled as the "chill" guy with Sarah. Ken and Tina are a ticking bomb waiting to go off. Frat boys Andrew and Dan are sadder than I thought and alas, the Travelocity Traveling Gnomes Anita and Arthur won't actually get to travel any longer as they were the last to check in to the pit stop.

Desperate Housewives is back to the future. The 5 years ahead that flashed in the finale last season and if the gimmick hinted at desperation, the show sure used it to put the Desperate back in Desperate Housewives along with all the zing from the 1st and 4th season. The drama, the twists, the hilarity were all back in fine future form.

Fat Gaby with her fat daughters, Lynette's grown up twins, still bad as ever, Bree and Katherine's successful catering company that begins to fracture their friendship, Susan's secret boyfriend, Edie's return to Wisteria Lane, the future looks just as tumultuous as before and the blackmailing, the drama and hilarity is back to the good old days.

Though a few things of note. Where's Nathan Fillion's Adam Mayfair? Will he be back? Or Andrea Bowen's Julie Mayer?

Glad that they still kept the gay neighbours Lee and Bob (and just for that one silent scene with the camera phone! Hilarious! Though don't people work on Wisteria Lane?), that James Denton's Mike Delfino isn't actually dead (whew, this show already kills off way too many husbands. I still miss Rex) and the additions of Neil McDonough as Edie's new husband Dave and Queer As Folk's Gale Harold as Susan's new man Jackson.

The jump brings the show to Lost territory with a darkly comic twist and the show is comfortably using it to add to its mysteries and soap opera surprise reveals and while the trick might wear out thin if they keep it up too long, so far, so good.

(Full promotional cast photos below at the end of the post)

The opening schmaltzfest on Brothers & Sisters, with Sarah reading her "letter of recommendation" for Kitty's adoption application was hilarious. Especially with the images that accompanied the show, and ingeniously snuck in a recap of the show all while showing its sly humour.

Another season, another set of secrets, all which spill out within the Walker family as it usually does. Justin and Rebecca ARE in fact together (EW) and Sarah's kids Cooper and Paige are the first to find out and the first to blackmail Justin for it! Those pesky kids really ARE Walkers!

Sarah's schmaltzy letter is actually written by Nora. Tommy and Holly are going to fire Kevin as Ojai's lawyer. And the secret that Ryan exists slowly filters its way around the family. Of course.

I'm shocked more wine wasn't spilled all over Kevin's boss' summer house which the Walker family ends up in. Oh, it's nice to be back with crazy family!

It's also nice that Nora finally ripped a big one into Holly who has been an eternal bitch to the family and now Holly finds herself in Nora's company as a jilted lover. Boy, William sure got around. No wonder he died. Easier than to deal with the post-drama. Bad for Nora. Good for us viewers!

The Cast of Desperate Housewives:

Teri Hatchers as Susan Mayer:

Dana Delaney as Katherine Mayfair:

Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis:

Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo:

Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp:

Nicolette Sheridan as Edie Britt:


Esther said...

I liked Desperate Housewives, too, and Eva Longoria is such a great comic actress. I think she's my favorite housewife. It's strange that so many mysterious, unsavory characters always seem to move onto that street, huh?! Some of the mysteries have worked out better than others. (How can we forget the wasted Alfre Woodard season.) So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Brothers and Sisters was good. And wow, was that beach house amazing. Although I'm really not interested in the Rebecca-Justin relationship.

Anonymous said...

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