Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Virgin Territory - 90210, Privileged, Heroes

90210 - Wide Awake And Dreaming - Ep. 105
Privileged - All About What You Really, Really Want - Ep 103
Heroes - The Second Coming, The Butterfly Effect - Ep. 301 - 302

Why does it always seem like Shanae Grimes is losing her virginity on television? First the drugged rape on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Then maybe for real with Peter? I can't even remember, and now with Ty as she plays Annie on 90210? The girl always seems to have the whole virginity thing swirling around her and dramas about losing it.

As for people who have not seen the musical Spring Awakening and are still deciding on it, please do NOT use any of the footage you saw from 90210 to make your decision. Boy, that was AWFUL.

On the flip side, Privileged should really have been called Charmed. I'm so charmed by the show and by the lead JoAnna Garcia and the wise-gay-Black-man-sidekick and by a much more likable Lucy Hale (redeeming herself from Bionic Woman) and by the two cute boys (Brian Hallisay and Michael Cassidy) that the addition of hot Headmaster Jacob Cassidy is putting it through the charming limits!

David Giuntoli (Road Rules, Grey's Anatomy as one of the gay soldiers in love) joins the show as yet ANOTHER cute guy Garcia's Megan has to pick from and so she rethinks her no dating policy (while she concentrates on work). Who wouldn't reconsider their own chastity rules when you see this:

I would reconsider my own chastity rules except I don't have one. No. I don't date because just cause I can't get one.

It's been nine months. What happened again on Heroes? No. I mean on the third season premiere. Not just last season. Which they didn't even bother recapping in hopes that we forgot that it sucked the big time and we could fall in love with Peter's pouty lips again.

I'm guessing exciting things happened if I could remember what the hell was going on, but I couldn't remember ANYTHING from last season and how it ended (and I know I watched it but it's like the Haitian erased it from my head) so I have no idea in what timeline is Nicky/Tracy/whoever is in. Or Peter and Nathan. or Claire when Sylar kills her.

Or time jumping Hiro who saw Ando kill future Hiro for the "formula" daddy Sulu left for him? About the only bright spot was the moment Hiro meets a fellow Speedster Daphne (Brea Grant, Friday Night Lights).

And I still have no idea what use Mohinder has except to increase minority visibility on NBC. Yah, now he finally has super powers. And?

Or Matt? What's the point of his character?

And I almost forgot David Anders and Kristen Bell are being wasted on this show. I feel sad seeing them here actually. And now they captured Bell's Veronica Mars alum Francis Capra too? Rob Thomas, please save them!

I know a lot of the fanboys are excited about this resurgence/reboot of the show but I'm not sure they know where it's going and I'm not sure it's entertaining enough at this point to continue to follow.

Okay fine, bonus points for the big Sylar secret. No wonder Christine Rose (as Angela Petrelli) is in the main cast now. That was a nice twist. Too bad I had to sit through 2 hours to get to a shock finally worth waiting for.


Linz McC said...

I can't get over that Spring Awakening performance. Have I mentioned that I don't think Shanae Grimes is a very good actress? Or fake singer? Bad... At least she got her lip-syncing down this time. I look forward to seeing the real thing so I can put that awkwardness out of my mind.

Vance said...

Shanae is not a bad actress when she's given deep and heavy stuff like rape and all like on Degrassi (probably why she got hired) but since the deepest she's needed to be on 90210 is, well... not very, she's looking pretty lousy especially on stage.

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