Monday, September 22, 2008

When CBS Is Funny (On Purpose) - CBS Monday Comedy Block - 2008 Fall TV Preview

The Big Bang Theory - Season 2 Premieres Monday Sept. 22nd at 8pm on CBS
How I Met Your Mother - Season 4 Premieres Monday Sept. 22nd at 8:30pm on CBS/E!Canada
Worst Week - Series Premieres Monday Sept. 22nd at 9:30pm on CBS/E!Canada

The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother return tonight! Worst Week also premieres tonight on the CBS comedy block, sadly, after Two and a Half Men (maybe you can do your errands during this time?) but it's getting pretty good reviews from a premise that sounds ill-suited for a TV show and lead Kyle Bornheimer is kinda cute and makes me laugh in the previews (below) everytime.

Meanwhile, CBS tried to slick up How I Met Your Mother and turn it into a procedural to maybe make the sitcom as popular as its dramas. How come I never saw this last year?:

Recaps to prepare for this upcoming season after the jump:

Here's a recap of Season 3:

Here's last years cliffhangar:

Here's the season 1 Recap for The Big Bang Theory, last years little surprise comedy gem that turned out funnier and sweeter than we would have expected from a Chuck Lorre show:

Worst Week is based on a Britcom Worst Week of Your Life about a regular guy Sam (Bornheimer) who becomes a walking disaster when he's around his future in-laws.

I still haven't seen the pilot so I don't know how it actually is but the video preview for Worst Week makes me laugh everytime and the show seems sweet and slapstick:

Some early reviews seem pretty good so far. (Newsday), (Entertainment Weekly), (SFGate), (NJ Star Ledger with Alan Sepinwall)

Here's the cast of Worst Week:

Erinn Hayes as Melanie Clayton:

Kyle Bornheimer as Sam Briggs:

Nancy Lineham as Angela Clayton:

Kurtwood Smith as Dick Clayton:

For more Reviews and Previews of the 2008 Fall TV Season, Check here

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