Monday, October 20, 2008

The Disneyfication of My Life

I'm totally seduced by those new Disney "Celebrate Your Life" commercials and now I REALLY want to go to DisneyWorld and Disneyland.

I practically get teary. And I kinda love the theme song.

I know. Probably uncool to love Disney so much but I've always been a fan and I LOVE going to the theme parks, but it's been a while. Plus, I kinda actually DO want to go to Disney on my birthday (for free in 2009). Who's in with me?

It seriously IS the happiest place on earth! (At least when you have me on any ride there. WHEEE!)

Plus, I usually know how to work the park so that I can get on the Mountains (Splash, Space, Thunder) about 10 times each on the same day. I'm one of those people that map out the park and have a strategy to it.

I know, fellow architects in school pretty much abhored all things Disney but whatever, nothing beats the Tower of Terror for sheer fun.

And speaking of Disneyfication, I can't WAIT until High School Musical 3 this weekend! Loving all THOSE commercials too!

1 comment:

Linz McC said...

If you pick Disneyland and I am around here, I want to go!

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