Thursday, January 08, 2009

Money Money Money

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com:

There's that taboo that we people should never talk about money. Never talk about salaries. Savings. Costs of stuff. Never talk about debt. I never really believed in that taboo (and have gotten in many of troubles for being a big mouth).

And I've never been shy about my LOVE LOVE LOVE for Suze Orman and her show on MSNBC which is essentially her screaming at people for spending too much. LOVE!

And for Canadians, the awesome Til Debt Do Us Part is equally awesome! (It's like Supernanny except the plump British woman comes into Canadian households and screams at you for taking bad care of your finances and then shows the couple a step by step way to fix it. Somehow there is always lots of crying involved and broken delusions. It's fantastic!)

For me, it's schadenfreude TV. Since I'm extremely frugal cheap smart with my money. I'm not showing off that I make a lot of money (I don't, or at least, I could always make more! Feel free to click on the advertisements in my sidebar by the way... hehe... thanks!) but I do tend to show off at how much I save in living my fabulous life (and sometimes too much so and need to shut up about the great deals I somehow manage to find (though apparently I'm also really really lucky sometimes or so my friends claim)).

Anyways. Suze Orman is on Oprah right now screaming at the yuppies about the 2009 economic situation. Apparently the audience in the studio have a combined debt of over $2Million. Couldn't Oprah just wipe that out with her penny jar? Suzie is offering her new book Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan for FREE download until Jan. 15th.

I don't think she's THE financial guru but she does just plainly say some of the most basic money saving tips that I thought everyone knew but I know friends that really don't. It's frustrating to watch friends dig themselves into a hole. Am I just into people's business too much? Oh well. Again, I don't buy into that taboo and rather seem crass than see people get into more trouble.

Of course on the other hand, I may have done the stupidest thing ever by taking a leave from my job to live off my savings as I try something new in life but we will see what happens (and uh, in the meantime, I'm sitting here watching Oprah... crap, I'd better get moving with this new life). I may be knocking on some of your doors by the summer for some bread.

On a sidenote, it was weird to see the TDBanknorth Garden in Boston and all the new TD Banks in New York City. And to see Suze Orman and Regis and Kelly shilling for TD Band or TD Ameritrade. Do people realize what TD stands for? It's nice to see something Canadian slowly take over haha...

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