Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Awards Towards Oscar Night

I didn't realize I get the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Canada, so I missed a chunk of it when I flipped by it. No huge surprises...

But I just love that Meryl Streep still gets excited when she wins the award. It's like, don't you know you're the best actress in Hollywood? Don't you?

Also, after seeing The Reader last night, Kate Winslet is officially the Meryl Streep of the younger generation. I mean, I've said that before. But now I'm REALLY saying it. Again.

And whoa, Slumdog Millionaire won Best Cast Performance in a Motion Picture! Not Milk, Benjamin Buttons or Doubt which had starrier casts in solid performances. There really is nothing that can stop this underdog train towards Oscar night, is there? Even though I know this award is SAG's version of Best Picture, there was still doubt they would vote for a movie with no big names and a mostly new cast, which just shows how strong Slumdog Millionaire's support has grown. (And it won the Producers Guild Award this weekend too).

Of course, let the backlash being, though really, I haven't heard much except for Dame James Henry who ranted against it like the Diva he is. Not as much as usual Oscar year buzzworthy movies and not as much as The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and The Dark Knight (usually two camps that are against one another).

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