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Oh No They Didn't! - Gossip Girl, Worst Week, How I Met Your Mother and More

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Gossip Girl - Gone With The Will - Ep. 215

You would think Dan would know better by now and seek out a cell phone as soon as he sees everyone starring at him. Especially when Blair's non-"obedient minions" are starring at him. (Kudos to minion #3 by the way for being in Gran Torino and getting a smackdown from Clint Eastwood himself! A strangely feel-good cathartic movie btw. A movie I shouldn't have liked but did.)

The dynasty-like hostile takeover over Bass Industries got quite intense between Jack and Chuck after Bart's will was read. Blair played CEO wife, while Chuck played with some hookers and coke, while Jack played him. I felt like the shoulder lapels should have been bigger and Alex Darlington would walk in from the next room. The boardroom shuffle hasn't been this entertainingly dramatic since Wall Street. Meanwhile, Blair loses more stocks than she could have ever imagined. But don't worry, none were the bitch stocks. Loved her comment to Serena after her facial reaction said it all to Blair. Blair: "I can't wait 'til you get Botox."

Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily's lovechild is alive and well but they were told that he died. On the heartwarming side, Serena finds out but finally calms down and S and Eric and Jenny and Dan become one pseudo happy family. Oh, and Nate has a heartwarming bro-moment with Dan too. Be still my heart!

And another appearance by Eric's boyfriend!

Worst Week - The Article - Ep. 110

I actually lifted up my hand to block the view and screamed out "oh sh!t" TWICE during the episode (once when Sam walked in on his mother-in-law at the Gynecologist and then again when he stole the article about seeing his mother-in-laws vagina from his father-in-law and then dropping it for his mother-in-law to find). Considering the show is a continuously repetitive series of oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-this moments, the show sure keeps things surprising and very very funny. And yet somehow really sweet. Seriously, this show turned out FAR better than anyone could have guessed. It's also remaining funny far longer than anyone could have guessed it could.

More on How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Corner Gas, The Bachelor, True Beauty

How I Met Your Mother - Benefits - Ep. 412

Props to the best usage of Spencer, Heidi and Kim Kardashian EVER, AND in one of the funnier episodes of the season, if not series. Though the cute kid in Lily's class might have taken the cake after finding out his parents are divorcing after Lily's good.

The editing and pace of the episode, jumping back from fighting Ted and Robin to being in bed, to Marshall seeing the exes in bed, to Barney going apesh!t on a TV set and then repeated until Barney finally figures out how to stop the cycle with lots of milk and a dishwasher. It was genius! And heartbreaking (Barney's to be exact).

The Big Bang Theory - The Killer Robot Instability - Ep. 212

I'm so glad Howard (Simon Helberg) got an episode to shine but now I noticed that Rajesh (Kunal Nayyar) nailed all his comedic moments. I mean, he was always funny with his facial reactions but every word spoken was hilarious this week.

And the show is finally branching out from Jim Parson's Sheldon and matching up Penny with the others. She's really becoming a strange glue to these boys.

Corner Gas - American Resolution - Ep. 608

I'm not sure what was funnier. The contest between keeping to each ones new years resolutions or tricking Oscar and making him think everyone thinks he's American. What a way to glorify the stereotypes. Hilarious!

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - Ep. 1302

Nope. Still can't tell any of the girls apart. As soon as I start liking a girl, I'll find myself mixing them up with someone else, or hating them again, or realizing I have no idea who they are. Just keep showing Jason without his shirt on and I'll keep watching. Plus I'm waiting for DeAnna's return. I'm such an easy sucker.

True Beauty - Ep. 102

I think the best part of the show is still at the end when the cleaners come to take down the losers portrait. Hilarious!

I will admit, Billy was kinda cute being so proud of his outfit and all.

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