Thursday, April 02, 2009

De Mooiste Muziek!!! van Antwerpen!

I always believe people should dance and sing spontaneously in real life just like in musicals. So I never tire of these things:

It was apparently produced for VTM who is producing a Flemish version of The Sound of Music with another reality TV show to cast a stage musical Maria much like the British (and subsequent Canadian version) show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

Remind's me of the T-Mobile ad or ImprovEverywhere.

Like the T-Mobile one, the choreography and organization of the huge number of dancers is truly impressive. Between this and the Beijing Olympics opening, the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics had better be good. Especially if they can pull this off in the middle of the day at the Antwerp central train station (a beautiful building by the way! Oh, I kinda miss living in Belgium... sometimes...okay, I miss the chocolate, fries and waffles and the Vols-au-vent! Oh and Stoemp! Plus I miss seeing handsome tall men wearing shirts, a sweater and a scarf. All the time.)

Thanks to towleroad for the tip.

Here's another angle of the same thing:

Here's the T-Mobile one again:

ImprovEverywhere made Mall Musical and Frozen Grand Central. A sort of earlier version of the above flashmobs.

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Chagnee said...

Ha, this is kind of funny: I'm a Belgian theatre geek and have been reading your blog for a while now. I had no idea that you have lived here! :) Well, keep it up, I enjoy your writing.

Vance said...

Thanks for reading! Yah, well, I didn't live in Antwerp though, but in Brussels. It was just a school exchange and at the time I was miserable but I think mainly cause it was the first time I was a long way from home. Now whenever I visit back, I love it and miss it.

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