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Funny Friends - The Office, The Big Bang Theory And More

My friend Anthony wrote tonight's The Office episode Casual Fridays! So WATCH!!! And because I'm completely biased, I know it'll be fantastic and just as great as last week's terrific episode.

And, Anthony also made his own little web show called Dwelling for Strike TV (the web venue that was born from the writer's strike). It's cute and gets better (currently with 4 episodes) once they establish everything. So check it out!

The Office - Two Weeks, Dream Team, Michael Scott Paper Company, Heavy Competition, Broke - Ep. 519-523

Alright, so Michael quit Dundler Mifflin, started his own company, brought along Pam and Ryan, went broke, and got bought by Dundler Mifflin. I kinda loved that whole arch, especially when it ended in such a fairytale way, especially for this usually unlucky gang.

And now Pam gets to be a salesperson! And Ryan's back at Dundler Mifflin!

And as much as I love Jim, I'm glad someone finally didn't. When Idris Elba wasn't dealing with Beyonce and Nikki/Jessica (seriously, he was in Obsessed, and it was #1 last weekend? Is that a joke?), he was not becoming friends with Jim, and I enjoyed the way Charles loomed over the office folks.

More on 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Corner Gas, Party Down, Greek:

30 Rock - Apollo, Apollo, Cutbacks, Jackie Jormp-Jomp, The Ones - Eps. 316-319

Dennis came back! Love Dean Winters. Love that he's hot and can play slimy and can go from serious (in Oz) to completely wacky (like here). Dennis slept with Jenna. Tracy goes into "space". Elisa is a crazy killer. Jenna "dies". Even Lutz had a funny moment. Kenneth saves the day, again. And Tina joins the ladies who lunch (with Xanadu's Kerry Butler!) and punch.

It's all getting so kooky it's becoming a blur, but while the stories are all kinda blending together with more zaniness on top of more zaniness, I've got to say, I still laugh out loud during the whole show.

The Big Bang Theory - The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition, The Hofstadter Isotope, The Vegas Renormalization, - Eps. 219-221

They've zeroed in on the Penny Sheldon comic dynamo so much that the other boys seem to have been relegated to side stories. Still, I'm LOVING it right now, so can you blame them?

Though I think I still laughed hardest when Rajesh woke up in bed with another woman, looked horrified, then accepted his position and enjoyed with a smile. Still, as funny as Rajesh can be when he's drunk, and the only time he can talk to women, they're gonna have to get Raj back into the action without needing to be inebriated everytime or else he'll move farther away from the Penny/Sheldon comedy.

I must have also lost some brain cells but I'm totally enjoying (and totally buying) Penny's date with Stuart (Kevin Sussman, WALTER! from Ugly Betty) and both his and Sheldon's response to Penny's romantic advances.

And loving any response Howard is giving (especially after finding out Raj and Leonard bought him a hooker) and ALL of HIS romantic advances (Or attempts actually).

How I Met Your Mother - Old King Clancy, Murtaugh, Mosbius Designs, The Three Days Rule - Eps. 418-421

Never one to pass up a Canadian joke, the whole Robin episode going back to her Canadian past kind of fell flat. At least Aaron Hill (BEAVER! on Greek) was on!

And while the ladies are hiding behind strategically placed plants and furniture (and with Lily conveniently absent from the bar lately as she has her real life baby), Marshall and Barney get even MORE attention, though if you think of it, considering Jason Segel is doing so well in films now, and NPH is... well... NPH!!!, it's credit to the show and the ensemble that the show isn't just the NPH/Jason Segel show and that they're hilarity blends in nicely with the rest of the show. (Though Barney's little outburst with Marshall when he rejected/loved Robin was genius).

Now if only Ted can get some more decent storylines like the last two episodes. I was reminded that I actually LIKE this character in the last two weeks, who I almost forgot up to this point.

Corner Gas - R2 Bee Too, Crab Apple Cooler, Happy Career Day to You, Get the F Off My Lawn, You've Been Great, Goodnight - Eps. 615-619 - Series Finale

I'm actually going to miss this show. A lot. It had a nice slow dry rhythm to it. And it was consistently funny. Kinda like a low rent Seinfeld, a show about nothing except this time in a place where there's nothing: the middle of Saskatchewan.

And as stupid as the jokes were, I kept laughing at all the F-in jokes (no really, the "F" and the "E" from Ruby's Cafe sign blew off and were flying around the town of Dog River. Letting them run with the F jokes all episode long. And I kept laughing).

The series finale got a bit too meta for me (I love the meta stuff but for this shows charms were in the daily boring and absurd lives of the townsfolk of Dog River. Well, except when the Canadian celebrity cameos popped in. Kiefer Sutherland's (which hinted at Jack Bauer) was completely out of the blue (and thus totally hilarious)) and actually reminded me a bit of Seinfeld's meta arch with his NBC show within the show.

Party Down - Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar, Investors Dinner, Sin Say Shun Awards After Party - Eps. 103-105
Greek - Engendered Species, Big Littles and Jumbo Shrimp - Ep. 213-214

I'm behind an episode on both these awesome cable comedies, but I'm LOVING them so much!

Always loved Adam Scott so glad he gets such a great role in Party Down, though as always Ken Marino totally steals all his scenes, giving his Ron Donald such a sadness to his goofy role.

Still, the entire cast is awesome (Martin Starr! Jane Lynch! Ryan Hansen! Lizzy Caplan!), and still love the rotation of guest stars and the links to Veronica Mars. Can't wait for Kristen Bell's appearance!

On Greek, I know Jesse McCartney doesn't have to do much to be the nice affable Andylicious and to be honest... I don't really care. He's totally dylicious looking. As is Andrew J. West as Fisher (below), Ashley's new hired maid/secret boyfriend. (Also loving the new trio of Rebecca, Ashley and Casey).

Plus, while I wasn't sure where they were going with downtrodden Evan, it gave us his brother Patrick (Robert Hoffman!!! Who I just spoke about last week!) and a reunion of sorts with Cappie! Evan, Cappie and Robert Hoffman in one room! Wow. That's a lot of white bread hotness going on there. And bonus points to Evan for dumping Frannie!

Loved Cappie's line of the incestuousness on campus, while talking to his little brother Rusty about Rusty's big sister Casey.

Oh, and an appearance from Janeane Garofalo? As a womans studies prof? Excellent! (Though she's looking mighty plasticized, which I'm kinda shocked about).

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