Monday, May 18, 2009

Trailer Talk

I've been following My Stuff and Crap's Michael's obsession with the new movie Push, now renamed Precious. It looks gritty and brutal. I sort of had tears after watching this trailer. I don't think a TRAILER has ever done that to me:

Wait, was that MARIAH CAREY??? She may have just made up for Glitter and all her music videos in one fell swoop.

And after winning big at Sundance and still almost falling into obscurity due to the harsh bleakness of the film (Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire), Queen Oprah and Tyler Perry are putting their stamp of mass approval which in this case, might actually be a great thing. Plus Mo'nique looks SCARY. While it's way too early, even the thought of Mo'nique as an Oscar nominee would be wild!

So I went to see Angels & Demons even though I was only 100 pages away from finishing the book today, but my mom wanted to do a family movie on today's holiday (Victoria Day in Canada) while everyone was actually home together for once. (I enjoyed the book because Dan Brown books are perfect vacation reads, and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the movie, especially since the first one sucked, and this one still changed a lot and left out some of the stuff I loved from the book. Still, Ewan McGregor looked smokin' in that priest garb (I know, I'm probably going to hell for that, if I believed in it) and the whole thing seemed to zip by a lot better than The DaVinci Code, and while I think Tom Hanks is still totally wrong for Robert Langdon, I could deal with him here. Grade: B).

But what I wanted to talk about was the previews for The Proposal which actually looked really good. Sandra Bullock rom-coms are usually only tepidly good, (I don't think I've ever really loved any, even though I like her) but this one looks pretty funny.

Betty White PLUS what seems like a few Ryan Reynolds shirtless scenes. I DO!:

And am I the only one underwhelmed by the Nine trailer? I mean, you KNOW me. This is my kind of THING. This movie was MADE for me. Dame Judi Dench? Penelope Cruz? Marion Cotillard? Sophia Loren? Nicole Kidman? (Granted, she's looking more plastique everyday. It's creepy). (and Kate Hudson and Fergie are in it too). But Daniel Day Lewis isn't doing it for me. He's got the madness broody darkness down, but so far I'm not feeling that sexual draw required for the role. I want to be seduced and right now, I'm just afraid he's going to break out into another one of his anger fits/Oscar baiting powerhouse scenes. I so want him to work out in this (and at least he SMILES for once here) but I'm so far not convinced:

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