Sunday, June 28, 2009

You Tu Be Proud!

Happy Pride!

So, pride's great and all, but let's be frank. Seeing all the hot guys walking on Church street (the "village" in Toronto and the backdrop for Queer as Folk) during pride, with so many happy couplings, is sometimes f#$king depressing and nauseating. Ain't it? I mean, it's great that we don't have to fight for gay marriage up here in Canada anymore but that just makes the fact that I'm far from getting married all the more depressing.

But whatever, I'm single and fabulous. !. ?. No. !

Here's Tyler Oakley, my favorite member of the 5Awesomegays, some random yet much followed young YOUNG teen who I've been following on youtube, speaking about being single, fabulous (and gay):

And if you're not convinced, you've got to love this kid for his rap "Why I Hate Danny Gokey" from about a month ago:

Here's another guy I love following on youtube. DaveyWavey. He spews cheesy Oprah-type affirmations but he always does it shirtless. You gotta love that! Here he happens to spew about being your own boyfriend to find a boyfriend. I'd be more cynical about it if he weren't so adorable and gay about it all:

I've also followed Jeffrey Self and Cole for like EVER (well, a long time before everyone else started discovering them thank you very much yes I'm totally taking claim of them) but now they're HUGE and have their own TV show Jeffrey and Cole Caserole! Okay, so it's on Logo (Fridays at 11pm), the gay channel way up in the cable numbers if you even get it, but it's nice to see them spin it off into something from their youtube vids! Sadly, I don't get to see their show since we don't have Logo here in Canada but I'll have to hunt for them online (the irony isn't it? I had easier access when it was just simply their youtube vids). (Oh wait, he's posted it on his own website! YAY! Or here at the Logo site))

Here's an oldie but one of my faves on gay marriage:

and here with "Bernadette Peters" speaking about Prop 8:

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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