Monday, May 24, 2010

My Incoherent Thoughts on LOST. BOOM.

Lost - Season 6 and The End - Eps. 601-617

Ok, since I had no idea what was going on all season, I've waited until now, the day after the series finale to chime up. Ok, I still don't think I knew what was going on but here's my two cents (in no particular coherent order, so you know, just like the show) on the finale and the entire series and season up until that final moment.

Pros: As I've always said, mysterious island or not, the series is always at its best in careful character studies and this season, beyond the multiple timelines and continued mindfuck, and especially in the finale, kept the show anchored to our devotion to our favorite characters.

The actors, who I've contended have always been great, really brought out their A game. Evangeline Lilly was stupendous last night. I know some criticized Kate based episodes were always the weakest, but tell me she was not simply fantastic season, and particularly in the final episodes of the series?

Cons: The final 5 minutes of the show, which have been debated over and over again ALREADY (and we're not even 24 hours since "The End") was well, kind of a copout in one sense (wait, don't judge me just yet). It's at least not "the dream" ending, but "they're dead" was the next worse scenario... or was it? Because since they weren't actually dead until this past season (with the flash sideways), it still meant the original Oceanic 815 crash was real, and everything that happened until spinning the wheel when the island disappeared and/or when Juliet died?

Of course, this meant the real John Locked died. Sun and Jin really did die in the submarine, and the whole season when I wasn't as saddened by all the deaths (because I figured who knew if they were REALLY dead) meant that they actually WERE in fact really dead, so last night's finale was sort of a shocker. I felt like I was dealing with slow grief. Which put the whole last 5 minutes into a poignant spiritual moment that nicely wrapped up the whole series into its most basic philosophy of life. Which is a nice Pro. And sort of justifies the ending. And considering the religious overtoned ending, they did an amazingly compelling job in the end that nicely wrapped up ALL our favorite characters (including Boone and Shannon, though sadly no Michael or Walt, who are apparently still roaming the island?).

So this whole last season was basically Jack's story/point of view towards his ultimate death (while saving the island/world and passing the torch to Hurley) and partly I feel like it was cheating (in retrospect), but it was done so well, particularly leading up to the reunion finale, that I sort of forgive them. Plus, closing out the show with Jack closing his eye, is a nice bookend to the terrific pilot. Plus it leaves us knowing that at least a FEW people got off the island (again) for real.

Still, that means Claire really did get left behind and went crazy on the island. Charlie really did die, Juliet really did die, Sun and Jin really did die. And most of all, Locke has been the smoke monster for 2 seasons. I don't actually like the fact that in essence, we haven't hung out with real Locke for 2 years now. (It reminds me of the Evil Francie story on Alias. Cool plotting, but drains the essence of the actor/character).

On the other hand, bringing everyone together in death, a group of people who grew close from their experience on the island together, was a nice and comforting closing. Pat, warm and fuzzy for a show that can usually mine the emotional pull without the schmaltz. But if anytime shows can get away with that, it's the finale, especially since it leaves forth that there are survivors still.

Ok, I'm repeating myself. Maybe it's the shows influence. But while the finale just kept repeating the cosmic reunions and revelations, bringing together the Lost lovers, I, like I'm sure most viewers, got choked up with all the love. And as the show was basically saying, isn't that's what's most important in the end?

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Esther said...

Sorry, they lost me when they started going sideways and got all supernatural.

Having some of them get rescued and then return to the island and flashing forward in some kind of alternate reality. It was just too hard for me to follow.

Maybe I'm old and I've lost too many of my brain cells but TV wasn't this hard when I was a kid!

Still, there was something poignant about seeing all of the characters (or most of them) brought back together at the end.

Maybe this is the kind of series that works best when you have all the dvds and can watch it from beginning to end.

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