Monday, June 14, 2010

Tonys Tweets

In case you missed it from @tapeworthy since I started watching the show late:

Ok, starting to watch the Tonys now. Guess I should get off twitter before I notice any spoilers. (Twas at Diva Queer Luminato show)

I know I'm late on these #Tonys tweets but here I go: ScarJo win?! YAY! I thot her performance was terrific!

Loved that they turned the #Tonys into a rock concert for Green Day and that Antonio Banderas was loving it.

Another reason to thank Scarjo? Bringing Ryan Reynolds to the #Tonys.

Also, how lil' is Daniel Radcliffe? I know I've met him before but he's THAT small? Kinda turns me on for some reason. #Tonys

Damn, Ricky Martin still looks great. #Tonys

Million Dollar Quartet performs. Levi Kreis and Rob Lyons are great. I didn't care for the show but the performers are great in it.

Eddie Redmayne wins! WHY DID THEY NOT PAN TO HIS FACE WHEN HE WON? I WANT TO SEE. (That's how you pronounce Grandage?)

I still have no desire to see La Cage again but Douglas Hodge's Matthew Morrison moment was hysterical. #Tonys

Is it me or is the camerawork for the #Tonys the worst ever? They had a year to fix last years mess and they still get it wrong. What the?

Best Directors go to shows from London's Donmar Warehouse and Menier Chocolate Factory. I'm starting a theatre in a London loft.

Next Fall's Patricks (Breen and Heusinger) are ADORABLE and underrated in the terrific play.

Love Crane Brothers reunion. Even better? Katie Finneran winning for her HILARIOUS turn in Promisesx2! Now just get name correctly #Tonys

I don't think it's the point of Memphis but I can totally pick out Charlie Williams http://bit.ly/9htp2V in their performance at the #Tonys

I could watch Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenoweth banter all day. #Tonys

Wow, predictors were right. Levi Kreis won! I wanted Bobby Steggert or Christopher Fitzgerald but Kreis WAS the reason to see MDQ! #Tonys

@rural_juror I know, I kinda want to see Memphis again just for Charlie Williams. Pardon me, I'm going to wipe up my drool now. #Tonys

I also thot Stark Sands should have been nominated for Best Feat. Actor #Tonys for American Idiot (and creating a character out of nothing!)

Bobby Steggert + Christopher Fitzgerald deserve #Tonys at some point in their careers (based on shows I've seen them in) but happy 4 Kreis!

Ragtime performance: Christiane Noll sings. <3 so much! In a just world, she would have won (I'm assuming she didn't). #Tonys

My ratings for Best Revival of a Play nominees: Fences ****, Lend me A Tenor ***, The Royal Family ***, A View From The Bridge ****1/2

While I'm at it, my ratings for Best Play nominees: Red ****1/2, Next Fall ****1/2, Time Stands Still ****, In the Next Room (did not see)

Viola Davis' win was obvious, but I thought Alfred Molina had it in the bag until I remember Denzel was also nominated. #Tonys

So THAT'S how you pronounce Sahr Ngaujah? #Tonys

Come Fly Away was pretty smart to show the scene where the men strip off their shirts. #Tonys #NowImInterestedInSeeingIt #ImAShallowGay

I gotta say I still loved the Promisesx2 choreo after seeing the performance again but glad Bill T. Jones won for Fela! #Tonys

I don't know y ppl r complaining about Matt Morrison and Lea Michelle's appearance on #Tonys. They always had random acts on the show.

I still remember a great medley from Nathan Lane and Gregory Hines and other performances like that. #Tonys #History

Was that Lea Michelle's audition for Broadway's revival of Funny Girl? #Tonys

My ratings for Revival of Musical: Finian's Rainbow ****, La Cage Aux Folles ***1/2, A Little Night Music ****, Ragtime *****. La Cage wins.

My ratings for Best Musical: American Idiot ****1/2, Fela ***1/2, Memphis ***1/2, Million Dollar Quartet **.

Ok, having Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane present Best Actor and Actress in a musical is kind of genius. #Tonys

Love or hate CZJ's performance (I loved it), you gotta admit, her surprise and speech was kinda hilarious. #Tonys

So this year you had to be famous (CZJ, ScarJo, Denzel, Viola) or gay/gayfriendly/gayswant (Kreis, Hodge, Katie, Eddie) to win #Tonys

Although about my previous tweet, how is that really different from any other year? #Tonys

I actually liked Memphis but man, the #Tonys really hate loud musicals don't they? (Fela and American Idiot)

Ok, I thought Sean Hayes was cute as the host, but man, the whole #Tonys production team needs to be fired.

Other thoughts:

I wish we could be talking more about American Idiot wins (Christine Jones and Kevin Adams won Best Set and Lighting respectively) but nothing really that shocking with the awards. Memphis cleaned up by being middle of the road and it was an honour for underdogs to be nominated (Kate Baldwin, Christiane Noll, Christopher Fitzgerald, Bobby Steggert etc.).

Photos by GARY HERSHORN, Reuters
Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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