Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Back... Sort of

Hello all! I don't know who reads this blog but THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING BY!!! Seriously, perks me up!

Some of you noticed my blog disappeared for over a week. Apparently I was hacked into and google shut me down. (Would have been nice if they told me what was going on during that time. I thought I did something bad).

But it happened right when I have been rethinking about rebranding my blog or starting anew or something drastic, since my blog has done some major shifts since I started writing this over 4 years ago (with a co-worker too! But she abandoned ship long time ago) and if you notice, with life and work, I just haven't had time to blog about TV as much, while I've probably talked more about So You Think You Can Dance and Theatre than anyone wants to hear.

So whoever reads this blog. Should I continue? Do you care about SYTYCD Canada season 3? I may have to post them later this fall since I'll be even busier but do we care?

And should I reveal myself with who I REALLY am? (I probably will anyways since I don't really need to care about using an alias).

To be honest, I was secretly relieved when it shut down since I could take a break from blogging obligations. I shouldn't feel stressed about needing to blog.

But still, I'd love to share my thoughts about SYTYCD and hear if you agree that so-and-so is the hottest dancers, and I like having my theatre reviews even if it's only for my own archival purposes.

And if I rebrand, do I move this blog? Or is changing the URL hassle not worth it?


Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com


Jennifer said...

Yes, please blog about SYTYCD Canada! I can't "officially" watch it from the States so was looking forward to your recaps.

Peter P.Y. Mao said...

Because I go on random theatre outings, I rather enjoy reading your reviews and about what you enjoyed most.

alatea said...

While I frequently disagree with you, I enjoy reading your comments about SYTYCD - and your recaps with video are invaluable for those who have to miss a week. I also enjoy your theater reviews.

If you stopped, it would be a real loss. As to aliases, rebranding, moving - I have no opinion. You must do what makes you happy.

Rachel said...

Personally, I would be sad if you stopped blogging - and I read you mostly for the theatre reviews and SYTYCD of all varieties. :)

momo said...

I came for the SYTYCD blogging, stayed for the rest! I am excited by the auditions of SYTYCD Cananda that I've been able to see, so I'd LOVE your take on them--I appreciate your observations and I have come to like the Canadian show more than the US one (wah!).
As far as the burdens of blogging, whatever you decide to do will be fine--I'd really miss your blog if you stopped, but I've been blogging less myself for various reasons, so you should do what you feel best.
I LOVE it that someone else gets to see so much theater, so seeing it vicariously makes up for the fact that I can't go myself! It is also inspiring me to maybe do some of my own writing about the shows I see.

Mr. B said...

One year ago, I was a total neophyte in the world of dancing.
One day, in a night of sickness/tired/couch zapping frenzy, I stumbled on SYTYCD Canada (the top 10 performance).
I kinda liked what I say, but did'nt understood a lot of the technicalities.
I then founded you blog. For someone like me, who never had sparkle of desire to dance, your blog helped me to understand what I was seeing on screen and helped fuel a starting desire to move my legs.

I kinda felt lost for a week without your guidance. I sincerely hope you keep up your good work.

DuchessKitty said...

I would sorely and surely miss you if you stopped blogging altogether.
But I understand your desire to shake things up. What's wrong with having a theater centric blog with occasional diversions into the SYTYCD-verse?

Whatever you decide, we're here for you!!

Vance said...

Well thanks everyone!!!

So because I'm no longer in a rush to be forced to start a new blog to have a blog, I'm getting lazy again with the idea of rebranding and starting anew. Ha! So I think I'll just continue here for now but just try to feel less pressured to post. So I may be even LESS consistent then I've been this past year, but I'll keep the theatre reviews up, and continue SYTYCD (though might not be as on time).

And whatever else I feel like posting.

Also, Alatea. Let me know what YOU think! How am I wrong!??!! I want to know! ha!

Smitha said...

You're my number one SYTYCD Canada resource; I'm not lying when I say I let out a Luke Skywalker-esque "noooooo!" when I found your blog was deleted a week ago.

I love SYTYCD Canada, but sometimes I don't have the patience to sit through the saccharine and mind-numbing drivel from the judges and just want to see the dances. That's when I come to your blog. I find we have very similar opinions, when it comes to the ratings. :)

T. Scott Burgess said...

I have to say that I stumbled upon your blog because of the tv section, being a tv fanatic myself. However, I have continued to read and check your site a few times a week, because i do like your input on other things. I was kind of bummed when it was deleted. Hopefully, you will continue and find a way to keep adding things.

Jason said...

I for one felt the effects that not having your blog to read every week had. I kept going to your site out of reflex only to be constantly reminded that I would have to find someone else who shared my opinions on SYTYCD.

I really haven't found anybody that I enjoyed reading as much as you and I hope you continue the blog but if not I wish you all the best.

Diederick said...

Doing what you have done so far is good enough for me to stick around. So keep it up.

Nadine said...

I've definitely missed your blog during SYTYCD Canada season 3. I love your recaps and dancer ratings, especially since your commentary is so much more insightful than the completely annoying commentary of the judges.

I hope you continue with your SYTYCD blogging but, if not, good luck with whatever's next.

Julia said...

I definitely think you should continue with the sytycd posts. Especially with SYTYCDCA, 'cause I do't know many good blogs that comment on it. And I also enjoy your theater reviews, even when reading them makes me a little depressed because even though they sound awesome, I'll probably never get to see them.

Anonymous said...

I honestly love your blog. I'm a musical theater teacher so I enjoy your theater posts and always, always click on you first after SYTYCD. In fact, that's why I'm here now, to see what you thought of SYTYCD Canada's first performance episode as I just saw it. So yes, I do hope you continue blogging.

Lin said...

What would SYTYCD and SYTYCD Canada be without your recaps? Seriously, your opinion of both are the only ones that matter on the internet. If all you did was recap SYTYCD and SYTYCD Canada, I'd be happy. Rebranded or not, doesn't matter!

LongWinter said...

I checked, like, every 15 minutes last week to see if you were back up. The SYTYCD recaps (US & Canada) and the theatre reviews are my favourite parts of your blog & what keep me coming back. I hope you'll keep it up, but if you're finding it to be a relief to not write for a while, then (speaking as the owner of a derelict blog myself) you should totally & guilt-freely take a break from it.

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