Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reality Check - Dancing with the Stars, Beauty and the Geek

Dancing with the Stars - Round 7 Results - Ep. 616 - 100th Episode
Beauty and the Geek - The Fixer-Uppers - Ep. 509

100 episodes of DWTS already? It's been on that long? More trivia I just discovered after I had already decided to write this post about these two shows, both Beauty and the Geek and Dancing with the Stars premiered on the exact same date back on June 1st, 2005. (How come coincidences like that never happens with things lottery related for me?)

So I actually didn't realize it was the special 100th episode of DWTS when I tuned in just to see the Broadway cast of A Chorus Line performing, so it was a nice surprise to see all the C-list stars return for a mini reunion! Steve Sanders! Drew Lachey (oh wait, he's pretty much almost all the time), Fatone! STACEY KEIBLER (even I would switch for her)! Sabrina! Anton! Vivica! Scary Spice!

Plus there was a performance from Rascal Flatts! I had just told Linz how much I LOVE them. I know. Cheese. LOVE THEM. Boy this was a cheesefest treat! Good thing I tuned in! (Plus we were still eating desert and it was the only show our Toronto gang could watch and laugh at while still keeping conversation)

So here's what I originally tuned in for:

The Broadway Cast of A Chorus Line (including Mario Lopez):

Gawd I love this show! I love the opening dance choreography SOOOO much!

Mario looks a bit like a child's first time dancing with that exuberant energy and excitement while trying to keep up (check the first video especially. ADORABLY HILARIOUS). I love you Mario (and probably have far too many inapropriate dreams about you) but I was basically watching the rest of the fabulous cast (which includes revival originals Deidre Goodwin (the winning Milf on Milf Island which I had forgotten to mention on the original 30 Rock post), the adorable Paul McGill, the fab Jessica Lee Goldyn (now engaged to former co-star Tony Yazbeck who is now in Gypsy), the energetic James T. Lane, the should-have-been-nominated-for-a-Tony Natalie Cortez, and the always reliable Heather Parcells and Jeffrey Schecter). I have't loved some of the replacement castings as much yet, though Nick Adams was nothing to snuff at, though apparently Mario has, since Nick's biceps outsize Mario's. Very Broadway bitchy!

So I haven't really been following this year other than knowing that Kristy Yamaguchi is doing well through determination and slitting a through fellow competitors throats with her skates, but at least Mark and Tony (partnered with Broadway Tony winner Marrisa Jaret Winokur) are in the finals! Between that an Edyta's barely there costume, no wonder people keep tuning in.

On a side note, I still think Cheryl Burke is the best dancer/teacher on the show. No matter who she is partnered with, she either wins or gets into the finals. Or at least it seems like it. I find she dances so well that she makes the partner look good. Plus she's probably a good teacher to start with. At this point, if you're a male star, I would request to be partnered with her. She'll make you look GREAT! Okay, there was my ode to Cheryl.

On Beauty and the Geek:

We are down to the final four teams and the geeks have to makeover a geek girl. That's a great challenge actually. Other than Joe flirting with his assigned geek. Cute but since it's Joe, creepy. I hate Joe.

I love that the beauties had to choose from the results.

Chris (and his worse-than-before-the-makeover hair) wins the challenge in a close race with Tommy (who also looked better before than after) keeping Chris and Cara (yay) safe. Yay!

The beauties have to unclog a toilet, tub and sink. I had fun trying to explain this, and this show to my friends who I forced to watch while we were waiting for our food.

Letitia, who I always liked, won the plumbers challenge keeping her and the ultra geek Matt safe. Yay!

That left Tommy and Amanda (who seems nice but I still barely know) up against Joe and Tara (below, who because she reminds me of Alyson Hannigan, I like) so even though I would have liked to see Tara win, they lost, pushing Joe out of the house (finally).

It was nice to see Joe and Tara kind of get along in the last few days in the house, relating their relationship much like a brother and sister squabbling together, but their exit interview was still a bit awkward, which didn't help prove to my friends that this show can be very sentimentally sweet.

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Linz McC said...

We were too busy watching the Dexter 2 hour season finale and the AI performances, so I haven't gotten to watch the DWTS 100th ep yet. Plan to tonight. Now I can't wait!