Monday, November 10, 2008

The Big Set Up - Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Degrassi: TNG

Desperate Housewives - There's Always a Woman, What More Do I Need? - Ep. 506- 507

Just as I was starting to forget how awesome Desperate Housewives has been this season, the show works hard with some obvious set ups only to twist it with some hilarious unexpected turns.

The big set up with Lynette thinking Tom was having an affair with MILF Anne Schilling (Gail O'Grady) was a nice, if not obvious storyline but it was a hilarious twist when it was son Porter who really was taking the word MILF to heart. Plus it gave us that terrific scene where Tom owns up to knowing the "secret" while Lynette is accusing him of having the affair (though I thought they probably could have played with that a little longer to milk it for total comedic effect). Then again, they probably wanted to get to the even more shocking twist when we find out Anne's actually pregnant with Porter's child. I did NOT see THAT one coming.

The big set up with rich woman Virginia (the awesomeness of Frances Conroy, which now means ABC has employed 3 of the main cast members of Six Feet Under) slowly buying her way into the Solis' family was so obvious yet nonetheless hilarious, especially giving Gaby all the more reason to live her princess life AND bitch about it later!

The big set up with Orson and Bree catching an employee stealing, then stealing a surveillance tape just after doing it on the kitchen counter seemed a bit cliched but it was all worth it just to see Bree forgive all her morals to send Andrew out to catch the guy. "Arson? Don't cramp his style"

Of course, Andrew gets the tape back only to find Kathryn and Mike as the actual couple in question. Which they seemed to have been trying to set up for a couple of episodes with Mike's secret dates. Still, for some reason I didn't actually see that coming.

The big set up with Mrs. McCluskey and her war with Dave finds Lily Tomlin joining the cast as Mrs. McCluskey's sister who is super investigator and tracks down Dave's psychologist for the criminally insane (Spring Awakening's Stephen Spinella) seems like one more step closer to Dave and Mike's big showdown but who cares when Lily Tomlin is back on TV!?!

In fact, with all the twist and turns, I didn't even mind Susan and Jackson's "first date" and his sexual frustrations/artistic renaissance.

Brothers & Sisters - Bakersfield, Do You Believe in Magic - Ep. 306-307

Considering half the show is a big set up for some kind of family dinner blowout, Nora's attempt to track down the Lafferty's comes with no actual logical reasoning still proved well when Nora illogically invites George Lafferty (father to Ryan) to another family party without actually telling anyone who he really is. Horrendous set up. Hilarious (if not typically Walker's obvious) outcome.

And of COURSE Kitty, the only one who knew George's true identity, who wasn't supposed to be at the party, ends up showing up to spill the beans.

Then between the big set up of Tommy vs Kevin at Justin's sobriety meeting and Sarah's new job with an internet upstart with some smart jokers (The Loop's Eric Christian Olsen, who I can never take seriously because he plays doofus so well and Will McCormack), the show is getting ridiculousness in its attempt to create some hilarious moments yet I'm still enjoying it all. The show is sure lucky to have awesome actors act out the ridiculous scripts and while the show doesn't work when it is TOO serious, I do miss a bit of Jon Robin Baitz's influences.

Especilaly when Kitty starts chasing down the doctor who is giving up her baby to Kitty and Robert. That made me want to slap her. That was just ridiculous and frustrating.

Degrassi: The Next Generation - The Curse of Degrassi, Man with Two Hearts - Eps. Special - 105

The second Degrassi Halloween special with its homage to Carrie and a creepy return of the ghost of Rick was actually fun and quite funny and becoming a nice new tradition.

In Man with Two Hearts, the commercials already spoiled all the twists but the big set up of Claire's discovery of a vibrator which starts buzzing in class actually worked as some weird argument for a good sex ed talk by parents.

And the big set up of Mia likes Peter, Peter likes Mia, Riley likes Peter was a great way to introduce Degrassi's newest gay, especially now that Marco is gone. It's also nice to see the show exploring the jock stereotype and making Riley totally confused, homophobic and the macho jock (Dylan didn't really count, he was just an audience reward for Marco that seemed a fantasy). Kudos to new cast member Argiris Karras for pulling it off and making Riley sympathetic and kudos to Jamie Johnston for making Peter likable as he tries to be understanding despite the confusion.

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