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So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Hi, Hi! Mon Cowboy!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Montréal, Edmonton Auditions - Ep. 203
Montréal, QC Auditions
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Mia Michaels, Lil C
Edmonton, AB Auditions
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Luther Brown, Stacey Tookey
Choreographer: Blake McGrath

I was just going to combine this week's two episodes into one post, especially since Wednesdays episode will already be Toronto week (the Vegas equivalent without that sparkly sound to it) finals but the final city auditions episode was so good, so breezy, with so many great auditions, that I just had to talk about it. (The Top 20 will now be revealed in a special additional episode on Sunday, August 23rd at 9pm).

Montréal produced a lot of the Top 20 last year, and it's always the cool and artsy city. And so many good ballroom dancers AND b-boy/breakers. Even the montage of dancers that made the finals (but weren't featured) looked awesome. So many great dancers (and TIGER was back! without the 'tude. Thank goodness!)

Edmonton, a strangely artsy city in the midst of cows and oil, also produced some great dancers, with probably my favorite guy so far this season.

I decided to discuss the auditions out of order and categorize them as I saw them:


Nicolas Bégin, 24, Québec City, QC - The lil french boy breaker with "heart" was so cute and more impressive than I thought he was going to be. Mia and Lil were so impressed. Mia called it disgusting!

Cody Bonnell, 19, Unionville, ON - "Baby Face" almost made the cut last year, and totally reminds me of Ivan (S2) with both the baby face skinny white boy adorableness AND the smooth hip-hop style. Dances with head down but Mia actually likes the mystery he gives, which is usually not the advice she would usually gives (and that Tre gives).

Jason Noël, 26, Montréal, QC - I love that Leah called him on his ego on his way out the door, but considering Mr. "I have a flame that burns inside" (Seriously? That's just too easy) gave the most cringeworthy pre-audition interview, AND he made it a point that he was going to take his shirt off for it, his actual audition was actually pretty good. Lil C called him on dancing as a female on a male body, but I've seen worse. Still, if he shaved off that scruff on his face, he's actually kinda cute, and he actually moves way more impressively than I thought his cocky personality would allow him.

Melissa Charlot, 23, Montréal, QC - SO. COOL! Love her personality. Dubbed "Sunshine", she truly was, as she does a smooth hip-hop that totally reminded me of Donyelle or a sweet Missy Elliot. And so sweet! Loved her moves and her "quality bounce" as Lil C put it. One of my faves so far.

Jeff Mortensen, 21, Edmonton, AB - A Ukrainian dancer (above, being interviewed by last years Top 4 hottie Miles Faber, also the future father of my baby) but he does a contemporary for his auditions. Oh uh right? Oh OH!!! Holy crap that was amazing. Considering how jumpy his Ukrainian dancing is, his contemp was one of the smoothest I've seen, with the sweeping feet and flips and jumps. It was like watching water. His moves were so fluid that I can't believe he's great at the Ukrainian dancing. Plus he seems odd but quirkily adorable! Love!

Corynne Barron, 18, Edmonton, AB - The Ringette player (think hockey but with rings instead of a puck) is so pretty, and so good, she's a shoo-in for the Top 20 I think. Also points for picking Natasha Beddingfield's version of "Wild Horse" as her song (probably the remaining song from Natasha I'm now not annoyed at hearing).


Catherine Turcoote, 25, Trois-Rivières, QC
Vincent Desjardins, 20, Trois-Rivières, QC - Such snappy ballroom. Both are so sharp and sexy, and Catherine and Vincent are both such cuties.

Jenny Dailey, 21, Montréal, QC
Jayme Rae Dailey, 21, Montréal, QC - Sometimes there were some moments in their twins choreography that I thought tried a bit too hard, or seemed awkward, but for non-professionals, it was still pretty wicked awesome. It was even cooler to hear Mia, queen of the contemp, choreo, praise the twins for it.

Camille Norton, 18, Calgary, AB (above)
with Danny Arbour - Camille couldn't qualify last year because she was too young, but her partner, made the Top 10 (and boy was Danny awesome!). Now she's back and totally fab. Their chemistry together is totally awesome too, though apparently they're not together anymore (gasp!). Mia thought they should be together!

Yevgeniyn Taftay, 18, Montréal, QC
Yvan Piwovarov, 19, Montréal, QC - Such superb jive dancers that made it more than just jive. And the inbetween moments are so fluid (as Mia also points out). Oh, and Yevgeniyn is so bubbly and adorable and Yvan is quite hot! And apparently he can do a little bit of breakdance (though so humble). ADORABLE!

Anthony Grafton, 24, Calgary AB with partner - Another ballroom couple where the girl is too young to audition (but gets tons of praise). Anthony has a Mark Kanemura quality to him. Luther was hoping they would connect a bit more, and Stacey liked the girl a bit more, but he's still a strong dancer (according to JM) and I think he's pretty fab. Tre thought she didn't steal his spotlight and worked to his benefit.


Kim Gingras, 23, Montréal, QC - Vincent's partner from last year who didn't make the cut. Judges loved her but I didn't think it was anything that special and I think they sent the right partner through last year (Vincent was probably the most underrated dancer last season).

Kurtis Preston, 23, Calgary, AB - Oh, he was good, great in fact. That headspin was sick. But Mia named it the best b-boy audition she's seen in ALL auditions. From even the American auditions. Really? I thought it was an amazing array of tricks but the transitions in between could have used some work (though Lil C thought they were awesome, so what do I know?). Tre points out he needs more musicality which I totally agree with.

Shelaina Anderson, 18, Edmonton, AB - Maybe it's because she picked Whitney's "I'll Always Love You" which made it so cheesy, or her plastered smile that made her contemp look more like a beauty pageant's talent portion of the night, but I didn't really buy it, but the judges loved the little blonde pixie.

Joel Ronnie, 18, Ponoke, AB - Part of me wants to go awww... and pat him on his head and tell the little (well, really tall but lil in that small town way) gay boy way that it'll be alright. Part of me wants to join the judges in saying "MAN UP" with his very feminine contemporary dance. Which really isn't so different from Travis or Danny's yet they can "Boyface" it up. Joel's hands or feet deceive him yet he's so trying to butch it up (in the gayest of ways) that you kinda have to still smile at him.


Gessuri Gaitan, 27, Calgary, AB - So weird and wonderful in a truly artsy jungly tribal way. He's like some monk on acid. He outweirds Kupono and Marc by miles. I think he's going to have trouble in ballroom and connecting with the audience in that, and maybe have trouble partnering, but the solo could be put into a Cirque show as it's own piece and it would fit in perfectly. The judges loved it and Mia got all Mia'd excited about him.

James Jones, 24, Edmonton, AB - That was some SICK b-boy moves! Now THAT'S a great B-Boy audition that seemed smooth and fluid, while still throwing in a ton of tricks.

Eric Pipestem, 18, Calgary, AB - As opposed to the hula girl (that I decided to ignore) that fell asleep during Blake's bootcamp, here was a truly impressive hoop dance. A Native hula dance that is truly cool. And then he makes some globe/ball thing with the hoops while still dancing? Very awesome!

Next up: Finals Week tonight, Top 20 announcement on Sunday, then the Top 20 perform next Tuesday! Already!

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