Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol – Rod Stewart Great American Songbook Night

So not really Rod Stewart actually…thank god.

I missed half the episode actually and won’t have time to catch up until tonight or later this week, but based on the second half, and the clips, it seemed like generally an all-right night.
I still was not buying Ace, who at this point is the definitely the worst of the bunch, because the other five remaining, Elliott, Paris, Katharine, Taylor and Chris are all pretty great and deserve to be the final five.
I (along with what seems to be a lot of others on the net already) didn’t think Katharine outshone everyone else last night, but yes, it was VERY good and she looked great and all, but better than Chris, Elliott or Paris? It didn’t make me think she was any more American Idol than the others still.
So, at this point? Who will go? Somehow I have a bad feeling tonight…

1 comment:

vance said...

funny, i totally forgot to mention Kellie Pickler. who by the way saved herself last night by calling out the butchering of her song before the judges could. Lucky bitch. She will stay tonight.

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