Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blake Lewis Breaks Anotha'

Oh, I forgot to post this yesterday. Blake Lewis' new single "Break Anotha" can be heard here or after the jump in a youtube video.

I like it. But bad title. REALLY bad.

I know it sounds like Justin Timberlake light but whatever, it works for me.

And to those naysayers back during American Idol days who were gaga over Jordan Sparks... HA...

Post Idol: Blake 1, Jordan 0 imho.

Blake Lewis' new album Audio Day Dream (A.D.D.) comes out December 4th 2007.

Blake Lewis - "Break Anotha"

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Pushing Daisies - The Scary Thing Is I Almost Cried

Girth - Ep. 105

Leave it to Pushing Daisies to have their first Halloween episode make me teary eyed and almost cry, all while cracking up at Emerson's retorts and eye rolls, Olive's schemes, Aunt Lily's bluntness and even just the sight of Digby just sitting there.

Also, on a completely different note, can I miss Lee Pace's original shorter haircut and yet still be totally digging his swoopy current uncut hairstyle? Plus, I love that they continue to use his lying facial tick. Ned always looks so adorably guilty!

A horse riding jockey dies, killed apparently by the ghost of another jockey John Joseph Jacobs (the hilarious Hamish Linklater from The New Adventures of Old Christine, who in real life is REALLY tall, but somehow that is all worked into Pushing Daisies of course). And as soon as Olive hears of the news, she hires Emerson to solve the murder. Why? Why does she herself pay for PI work? Because the tiny Olive was a former jockey champion (what a great way to use Kristen Chenowith's diminutive stature!) who won in the same race where John Joseph Jacobs died. (The green screened images of Olive and all the other jockeys in the race were hysterical!)

Emerson, Chuck and Olive go off to visit John Joseph Jacobs' mother Mamma Jacobs (well, that makes it easy) and as Mamma (Barbara Barrie) starts lobbing veiled passive aggressive put-downs at Olive while they reminisce, Ned is off on his secret mission (which ticks off Chuck) to return home on Halloween, a day he hates due to his absent father.

While Chuck and Olive start noseying around into the ashes of John Joseph Jacobs, more jockeys are murdered, and Ned meets with Aunts Lily and Vivian and helps break Ned out of his psychological fetal position (This is where I teared up the first time around). He's reminded of the people he misses and returns to help the Odd Mod Squad with their case, as the threat of death looms over Olive, the remaining jockey that beat John Joseph Jacobs at the Jock Off 2000 races (they said it, not me!).

There's something about a malfunctioning girth, boys turned into birds, Chuck working at some dental type of place, young Ned and the lack of mail, Ned discovering Chuck has been sending the aunts his pies, Chuck and Olive working together, and Chuck making Olive realise secrets are meant for a reason ("shoot") and the return of John Joseph Jacobs, who is now tall (well, they had to explain the actors height SOMEHOW) but there was really way too much plotline, details and fabulous quotes stuffed within the hour that when I looked at the clock at 20 past, 35 past and 45 past the hour, each time thinking the episode MUST be over because they've already told enough story to satisfy my Pushing Daisies cravings, that I was just amazed at the how they kept spinning Girth into weirder and more fantastic places! Yes, in case you didn't get my gist, I loved it! Again! Pushing Daisies has yet to disappoint.

And yes, I almost teared up near the end as well.

Some more remaining images below:

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This Is Actually Kinda Scary

Happy Halloween. I actually kinda hate this holiday. Sorry, I don't want to dress like something else. I like being me. I'm awesome! (Whoa, I just felt the spirit of Barney within me... maybe I'm not me so much. Oh damn, I should have suited up and be Barney!).

Was it me or did Bob Dylan, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys all just drop an album out this week? What year is this? And did Bo Bice just come out with a second album? He had a first?

I finally saw the video for "Gimme More" this morning and wow, even with retakes and stuff, it's pretty bad. Not as bad as the now infamous MTV VMA performance but can anything be?

Britney Spears - "Gimme More"

Of course, the scariest thing of all may be that the album Blackout is actually getting half decent reviews. Can't wait to hear it!

Backstreet Boys and other videos after the jump:

I've posted this before:
Backstreet Boys - "Inconsolable" (which is how they are going to be when this album sadly bombs. Hey, I love them but I'm not an idiot)

I'd post Bob Dylan but I just don't get him. Sorry music snobs. I just don't. (Though I partly blame Andre for playing it over and over again in the studio back in the day and ruining it all for me).

I actually hate this song but the video is kinda neat:
Fergie - "Clumsy"

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chuck Versus Reaper - Halloween Edition

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Sandworm - Ep. 106
Reaper - What About Blob - Ep. 105, Leon - Ep. 106

At this point, there seems to be two camps growing. Those who think Reaper is growing into a great show while Chuck is idiotic, or those that think Chuck is turning out to be fun popcorn romp while Reaper is becoming as lazy as its slacker protagonist. To those who think neither is good, why are you even reading this anyways? So I'm not counting you in this. It doesn't work into my scenario so I'm throwing you into my denial pile. Thanks! Read my Pushing Daisies post when it gets posted in the morning! Come again!

Personally, I've been falling into the Chuck is great camp, while Reaper has sadly not come even close to my expectations. Both have endearing male, slightly geeky (in television terms at least) leads but Zachary Levi has charmed his way through outrageous (but fun) plot points, while Bret Harrison hasn't been as zingy as he was on The Loop, being more of a downer than the go getter that I fell in love with on his previous show. While I get excited and laugh while watching Chuck, I forget I've watched Reaper WHILE I'm watching it. I didn't even finish last weeks episode until I forced myself to finish it tonight.

Still, this is not to say each doesn't have points that oppose my views. Add me as another blogger who can do with much less Morgan on Chuck. He's annoying, he's not funny and the actor feels like a poor man's Seth Green. On the other hand, just as I almost skipped last weeks episode, Reaper comes out with a pretty decent one tonight when Sam and gang easily catches a soul, Leon (Patton Oswalt, bringing his Remy voice charm from the best movie of the year so far, Ratatouille (for once I agree with a self aggrandizing ads)). Well, mostly, I still fell asleep in the second half but I think that was due more to staying out late Monday night then it was the episode for once (but just this once). Still, Missy Peregrym's Andi is really bugging me. She gives no spice to the role and has a buddy/brother vibe with Sam. There's something that just doesn't work for me. Yes, I'm still not over Nikki Reed okay?

Anyways, it's Halloween and Morgan and Chuck usually dress up as a sandworm. Captain Awesome is dressed only in a fig because... well... he's AWESOME! Again, why isn't Ryan McPartlin not a main cast member? Yet Joshua Gomez is? How wrong is this?

Chuck is up against Harry Tang for the assistant manager position but he happens upon Lazslo (above), a former genius inventor, like a Q for the American government. Lazslo's escaped the government's grip and Sarah and Casey are both chasing him as Chuck is convinced once again to believe the wrong people (I know I'm gullible too but you're in the spy world Chuck. Time to be a LITTLE doubtful. This might be a negative point to add onto the Chuck list). Chuck finds out about all the bugs Casey and Sarah have planted and yet again, disobeys with everything they tell him to do, landing him in more trouble all while missing the interview at Buy More for the higher position with medical benefits. MEDICAL!

Anyways, I have no idea who is playing Lazslo (stupid CityTV ran promos over the opening guest star credits. ARGH. I hate that) but I like him a LOT and he seems really interesting and complex so I hope he comes back. Seems like they left it open enough that he will. Morgan does good by attempting to get Chuck the position in yet another attempt at trying to convince us that Morgan is sweet and worth saving, and yet again, I'll let it go again because I'm too nice, but I'm starting to be doubtful about it all (oh, maybe I'm NOT so gullible).

And yet again, Sarah, in a small heartfelt gesture, wins both our hearts and Chuck's, helping us assume she's one of the good guys. Maybe we are gullible.

On Reaper, the best part of the show, Ray Wise as the devil, convinces Sam that Andi's boy is sleeping with slutty twins (actually his sisters), and warns Sam that letting Andi in on their little secret arrangement will cause her trouble (although because Andi ends up breaking up with the boy, she and Sam are not getting along). The Devil also denies a meeting with Sam's dad, who seems to be up to something suspicious himself as he tears a page out of Sam's Soul Contract and burns it out of existence. I'm intrigued although not much seemed to be brought up this week on Leon.

I would tell you what happened at the end of Leon but again, I passed out on the couch and only remember something about Leon escaping after having talked to Sock through the snowglobe, and convinces him that he's been reformed, only he sort of hasn't. Or something. Oh well, one of these days I'll make it through a Reaper with full consciousness.

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Best Kept Secret - Bare: A Pop Opera

How come I had never heard of Bare: A Pop Opera before this summer when I noticed Spring Awakening cast member Matt Doyle was about to leave temporarily to do the Cast Album?

Bare: The Album comes out today and the 2 CD's + 1 DVD package can be only ordered online (starting at Noon PST) from what I can determine.

So, this is what I know. It's a "Pop Opera" or a musical, essentially a love story between two gay catholic high school boys. It was produced in LA in 2000 and ran Off-Broadway in 2004 (above) with Michael Arden (soon to be seen on The Return of Jezebel James with Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose) as one of the leads. It seems there has never been an official cast recording of the show until now? It seems to be described as a stepping stone between Rent and Spring Awakening which is a way to say it deals with horny young people and is "edgy" for the musical theatre world. Either way, from what I've heard of Bare, it's not as good as Spring Awakening but it's pretty good still. Plus, hot catholic school boys in love. You know this will enrage the red states. What's not to love? I've been slightly addicted to a few of the songs over the last 3 weeks (I've been listening on youtube. Clips below).

The new cast album also has James Snyder (so funny in She's The Man) playing against Matt Doyle.

Here's one of the songs from the show:
"Best Kept Secret" - Bare: A Pop Opera - New York Off-Broadway Production with Michael Arden and John Hill.

Making of the Bare Album video clips, and someone put clips of the NY Off-Broadway production of Bare with 12 of the songs and some narrative explanations preluding each sequence, all can be viewed after the jump:

Here's a clip of an interview with Damon Intrabartolo, Kristin Hanggi, Michael Arden and some more clips:

And if you really liked it, you can sing along with these clips that include Lyrics:

Here's 2 promo clips made for the album. Listen to Matt Doyle sing. He's AMAZING:

The Bare Album includes all the following tracks:

Act One

Epiphany (Company)
You & I ( Jason, Peter & Students)
Role of a Lifetime (Peter)
Auditions (Sister Chantelle & Students)
Plain Jane Fat Ass (Nadia & Jason)
Wonderland (Lucas, Nadia, Ivy, Jason, Peter, Matt & Tanya)
A Quiet Night at Home (Nadia)
Best Kept Secret (Peter & Jason)
Confession (Students & Priest)
Portrait of a Girl (Ivy & Matt)
Birthday, Bitch! (Students)
One Kiss (Ivy & Jason)
Are You There? (Peter & Matt)
911! Emergency! (Virgin Mary & Cherubs)
Reputation Stain'd (Matt, Jason, Ivy, Nadia, Peter)
Ever After (Peter & Jason)
Spring (Nadia)
One (Ivy, Jason, Nadia, Matt, Peter)

Act Two

Wedding Bells (Company)
Touch My Soul (Ivy & Jason)
See Me (Peter & Claire)
Warning (Claire)
Pilgrim's Hands (Jason & Peter)
God Don't Make No Trash (Sister Chantelle)
All Grown Up (Ivy)
Promise (Jason, Ivy, Matt, Peter, Nadia)
Once Upon a Time (Jason)
Cross (Priest & Jason)
Two Households (Sister Chantelle & Students)
Bare (Jason & Peter)
Queen Mab (Jason & Peter)
A Glooming Peace (Students)
Absolution (Peter & Priest)
No Voice (Company)

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That Guy With That Job

How I Met Your Mother - I'm Not That Guy - Ep. 306
Aliens in America - Help Wanted - Ep. 105

Can I just first say that all architects, are Sex Architects!

Not a bad episode, and there were moments of brilliance, plus a reunion of sorts with John Cho (all a sudden guest starring all around, here and on Ugly Betty) of Harold and Kumar fame and that bastard NPH, but still not as great as it once was. Still, if only for the closing shot when the gang realises the newest porn feature Barney location scouted for was on the very couch they were sitting on. Ew.

Ted Mosby finds out (through Barney of course) that there's a porn star using the same name, same spelling and when too many people seem to recognize that fact, he's off in search of the other Ted Mosby (who happens to be a former schoolmate looking to honour Ted). We find out Lily has a shopping fetish and has run up a huge credit card debt. And Marshall gets a job with an environmental agency but is being actively wooed by a big bad RICH law firm (John Cho) willing to throw a ton of money at him. Money that could pay off Lily' secret debt.

And Robin is still funny. Funnier as single Robin than coupled-with-Ted. She's no Barney yet (though will anybody?) and doesn't have the infectious hilarity of Lily or Marshall but she seems even more right now than she did as Ted's girlfriend/not-mother. Plus, aren't we all just anticipating Robin Sparkles' second video hit?

I loved that Lily was secretly pushing Marshall to take the big bad moneybags job to pay off her secret (and the fact that she was buying more boots because she was depressed at receiving huge bills). It's great that they want to have ethics and morals but cave to the realities of real life.

Marshall finally caves, thinking he's going to be representing a fun amusement park but alas, it's a cesspool of problems.

On Aliens in America, Gary loses his job but refrains from telling Franny. Gary starts cutting corners at home and Raja decides to take a job at the convenience store to help out. Not as laugh-out-loud funny as the past 2 episodes, but cute nonetheless, despite the typical father-loses-job-doesn't-tell-wife story. Justin finds out that Claire's cool hangout is outside the convenience store Raja now works at, and using that to his advantage, Justin gets a taste of the cool group. At least until Raja starts refusing to sell alcohol to the kids with fake ideas.

Adhir Kalyan is simply superb as Raja who is unwavering in his ethics and morals, yet all still in a loving adorable way, and he and Dan Byrd have such a great chemistry together. Amy Pietz is still rocking the mom role, and Scott Patterson is doing a fine job as the father. I mean, I love him as Luke, and there's still some Luke in there, but I can actually differentiate him in this new CW show, which I sort of didn't think I would.

On a completely side note, this weeks How I Met Your Mother episode was written and directed by Jonathan Groff. Not to be confused with the Jonathan Groff I've been stalking admiring from Spring Awakening, and who apparently has just been cast in the new FX pilot 4 Oz. from Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck, Popular) about a transexual man, currently signed on with Blythe Danner and Joseph Fiennes. I'm kinda over Nip/Tuck (which season premieres tonight, Tuesday Oct. 30th on FX) but with Jonathan Groff in it, I'll buy. Plus, Nip/Tuck and Popular started off well enough.

For more on Actor Jonathan Groff, see also
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Just Hearing This Makes Me Happy Already!

Friday Night Lights Theme Song by W.G. Snuffy Walden and Bennett Salvay

And of course after seeing this, just reminded me more how awesome the Veronica Mars theme "We Used To Be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols was:

And now that it got me started, here are a few more TV themes that make me smile, after the jump:

The Sopranos - "Woke Up This Morning" by A3

"Saved By The Bell Theme" - Can you NOT smile and laugh when you hear this song?

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith - Or this one too?

"Twin Peaks Theme" by Angelo Badalamenti - Definitely sets the tone. Creepy. Was it always this long? Man have credits gotten a LOT shorter...

Family Ties - "Without You" - Try listening to this and NOT singing "Sha La La La" after...

30 Rock - It's 16 seconds of bliss. SIXTEEN SECONDS??? and TWIN PEAKS WAS OVER 3 MINUTES??

The Golden Girls - "Thank You For Being A Friend" - Um, I kinda love this show AND song.

There's a few more I would stick in here but I can't find them yet (like a The Cosby Show theme). Maybe I'll post a part 2 of this later on. Any other suggestions?

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Entourage Cannes Do

I finally caught up with Entourage this weekend (I don't get HBO or the Canadian equivalent so I have to find other methods (ahem) so I usually fall behind, and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) so this may be completely random and out of the blue but it's my blog so I can talk about anything I want.

First of all, I had heard the 4th season was off to a slow start, which it was, but it got back into it's groove soon enough. Love that Lloyd's boyfriend is hot! Loved that Ari was the one that secretly got them back together. Love that Ari got his comeuppance with the private school but that he STILL got his son into the school. Love that Ari had to beg and make an underhanded deal with the school master who was so clean, that the PI's Ari hired to dig up dirt, couldn't find ANYTHING. Love that Mrs. Ari is finally getting some sort of character development other than whining at Ari.

Loved that after all that "Medellin" talk, after the annoying Walsh continued to take over Season 4, that "Medellin" tanked at Cannes. As much as the series needed a nemesis and someone to put a thorn in both Ari and E, Walsh was just too much and seriously annoying anytime he was on screen. There's creating a bad character and then there's creating a BAD character. I'm not sure I blame the writers since the self-involved egotistical maniac director is something funny to be explored but I cringed everytime Walsh was on the screen.

At least Eric found another world in Hollywood, if at least only briefly, when Anna Faris hired Eric to be her manager. Totally great storyline and I only wish it lasted even longer actually. I felt they just got started with that. Granted, the underated Kevin Connolly always makes E a joy to watch.

And Turtle in the Bunny Suit? Friggin cute! Drama falling in love with Jacqueline in Cannes? Terrific! Both Turtle and Drama have totally grown on me. I mean, they were always hilarious CHARACTERS but now they seem like great characters in the show.

I'm still loving Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon, actually I like her more now than when she started on the show. And I only wish Carla Gugino stayed on as Amanda a bit longer. She was a nice nemesis for Ari.

It still hasn't returned to the height of Season 2 quality but Entourage is still fun to watch. I do kinda want to see Walsh fired from Silo and I'm sure Dana Gordon will have no problems with that after the disaster at Cannes.

Now if only they can make Vince more interesting. I mean, Vince the character has improved since the first season but you have to admit, we all still prefer the scenes with E, Drama, Turtle, Lloyd or Ari in them, but at least I don't want to kill the central character like I did on Dawson's.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Watch - It Takes A Village, People!

Friday Night Lights - Backfire - Ep. 204
Men In Trees - No Man is an Iceland - Ep. 203
Desperate Housewives - Art Isn't Easy - Ep. 405
Brothers & Sisters - Domestic Issues - Ep. 205

When did weekend TV become "can't miss" again? This is seriously putting a damper in my attempt at getting a life. And next week The Amazing Race returns too. Oy vey...

So the Friday Night Lights teary moment of the week: When Riggins begs Lyla to come to Mexico to talk Jason out of the experimental stem cell surgery. Taylor Kitsch has seriously far surpassed any expectations on emotional depth that I could have ever imagined. And it was nice seeing Scott Porter do some singing in Mexico!

Boring on paper, Hilarious to watch: The Walkers watching the Republican Debates on television on Brothers & Sisters. Who knew it would be so much fun?

New definition of the week: Fascism - Apparently, fashion from the gays, at least on Desperate Housewives.

Speaking of gays, they are back on both Men in Trees and Desperate Housewives. Orlando Jones and Mario Cantone return as George and Terri, when George returns to town to set up his next fat camp in Alaska, and to be with Terri, and ends up planning Patrick and Annie's wedding and proposing to Mai's sister to get her a green card. That's a lot to ask from one gay. On Desperate Housewives, Bob and Lee erect an ugly metal fountain on their front lawn which starts a little war on the street in the battle for the neighbourhood president between Katherine and Lynette. Oh yeah, and John (Jesse Metcalfe, above) returns. Just saying.

Dana Delaney certainly is kicking it on Wisteria Lane as Katherine who keeps making more enemies while trying to take full control of the neighbourhood. Susan betrays Lynette by backing Katherine in the neighbourhood president election but sexy hubby Dr. Mayfair (Nathan Fillion... what? where was I? Sorry, drifted in dreamworld again) warns Katherine of making too little friends. She let's Lynette off the hook for having a treehouse when Lynette loses the vote, but goes after the gays. Big mistake. Always watch the gays. We are the queen of the bitches. It's what gays do. Never mess with the gays. As Katherine learns when she gets blackmailed when Bob and Lee find out about the Mayfair's secret from Chicago, something about Dr. Mayfair causing a stir at the hospital and needing to leave Chicago abruptly for Wisteria Lane. Da Da Dum...

Plus, someone has been spying on Gaby and catches Carlos and Gaby kissing just as they are about to split until they sort out their respective relationships, but the pictures are given to Edie and not Victor so let the catfight begin! Sadly, John was just a catalyst for Carlos to realise the mistakes they were making when John shows up ready to seduce Gaby once again.

The body is discovered in Dillon, Texas, and Tyra is called into the police station but it's only to identify the body as the same person that tried to rape her. Buddy Garrity continues his plan to oust the new coach and bring Eric back with some complications in between, but alas, COACH TAYLOR IS BACK WITH THE PANTHERS!!! Let the winning games on Friday Night Lights begin! How excited are we??? Just as excited as the town of Dillon I'm sure!!!

After still gasping at the replay from last week where Tami slaps Julie, Julie is still being selfish and totally feeling abandoned by her parents as the baby becomes priority. But when Eric returns, the healing begins. Both Eric and Tami attempt to give Julie some driving lessons much to comedic effect. It's these moments that prove why this show is so great! Julie is let off from being grounded, and runs back to the Swede (Anton), and realises what a mistake he was. Uh, YEAH. RUN BACK TO SARACEN. RUN NOW.

Riggins and Jason Street make it to Mexico only to find out the doctor is away for a week. They hole up and wait it out, getting drunk and Karaoking along the way, but Street is determined to get the experimental surgery much to Riggins fear, and Riggins calls Lyla for help (again, the teary moment of the week).

Lyla, still preaching the word of Jesus, this time in a prison, puts her money where her mouth is, and tries to help a recently paroled man by convincing Buddy to hire him. It's a sweet story that I'm sure will somehow result in disaster but I'm going with it. We needed a nice little moment between Tyra and Landry freaking out about getting caught, and Eric being threatened by fired MacGregor, which you know will come back to haunt the Panthers.

There's heartaches on Brothers & Sisters as Joe goes for full custody of the children, much to Sarah's shock. Then there's heartburn when Kitty discovers she's pregnant and by keeping it a secret, means that in the Walker family, everybody will know about it. Justin inadvertently finds out about it when he sees his mom run to the pantry, meaning she knows somethings big is going on, and Justin spreads the news faster than TMZ ever could. How cute is it that Justin is the biggest gossip? I love this family and all their little quirks. I love that they actually FEEL like a family when they watch the Republican debates, where Robert McCalister defends Kitty's more liberal leaning opinions, and his own right to privacy. Damnit, Senator McCalister is almost convincing enough to consider my vote... almost.

Tommy continues having the affair with the new girl, even after Holly warns her. Apparently there are no cabs in Pasadena that she could call when she's drunk outside a club, and calls her boss Tommy just oh so conveniently.

Meanwhile, the Men In Trees' Cash finds it awfully convenient and comfortable living at Marin's but sees the sparks still flying between Marin and Jack. Marin learns of Jack and Lynn's breakup (so long Justine Bateman) while Cash decides to move on. Unfortunately, Jack finds Cash sick in the woods and brings the often-naked Cash back to Marin to heal.

After George comes up with too elaborate (aka: too gay/"InStyle" for Patrick) of plans for the wedding, Patrick asks Marin to be his Best Man, despite Marin already being Annie's Maid of Honour. Celia breaks her hip but is too proud to ask for Richard's help, and Plow Guy is back!

More pictures of Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives (including more of Jesse Metcalfe as John) after the jump:

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