Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Umbrella 'Ella 'Ella 'Ella

It's week two of Project Runway Canada, and while I'm still trying to figure out who is who, and noticing that there's actually THREE Asians on ONE reality show. Wow. THREE. There's never three Asians. There's usually barely one. Two at most. We really must be in Canada.

So just as I'm about to start loving Lincoln, he goes off and gets some (over)confidence which in reality tvland means, he's going to be out. He's Chinese, his parents didn't like him going into an artistic field, so he goes to university for something technical (in his case, computers or something), and flunks out. The way he tells it, it's actually kinda funny. Also sounds like so many stories I know. (Luckily, I went into the one field that married arts and a technical field so I managed to do well and survive university). Lincoln's the typical Chinese Canadian kid, underconfident, self depreciating, and a little shy, until he breaks out of his shell.

Anyways, this week's challenge required the contestants to grab as many or as few umbrellas as they wanted from a pile they were given, and create a cocktail dress out of them. The catch that they were told just before they got to sew, they had to use ALL the material from all the umbrellas they took. So good luck greedy suckers who grabbed 15 umbrellas or more. Good luck fitting all that material into one little cocktail dress!

Heatherette duo Richie Rich and Traver Rains are guest judges and Stephen is saved from bottom 2 as he feared, Marie Genevieve coasts on a dress she barely made an effort on (but SAID it to the judges... why would you do that?) and Kendra wins the competition! She's becoming one of my faves because she's so levelheaded and practical, yet you can tell she was definitely born with a flair for creativity so the balance makes her one of my top picks. In the end, it's down between Megan (who really should have lost and barely squeaked by again) and Lincoln (his unflattering design above), who in the end, just didn't measure up. Poor Lincoln who called Biddell's dress some kinda crap that Avril Lavigne would have worn, only to have the judges praise it for looking like something Avril Lavigne would have worn. Ha... oh poor Lincoln (who by the way, grabbed 15 umbrella's and had to fit all that material in)

Some photos of the dresses I liked, after the jump:

Biddell's Dress

Carlie's Dress

Kendra's Winning Dress

Shernett's Dress (another favorite contestant who seems levelheaded)

Sofia's Dress, which really divided the judges, with Iman really hating it but Rita (the Elle representative), totally loving it.

Lucian's Dress (who, while cocky, is becoming one of my faves as well)

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