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Project Runway Canada - Winners, Losers, The Jetsons and The Soprano

Thrill of the Hunt - Ep. 104 - Watch here.
Dressing the Diva - Ep. 105 - Watch below.

There's the first group challenge, which divided the remaining 9 contestants into 3 teams where they had to come up with a unifying line for Winners (uh, really? I could deal with the sponsorship but when did creating a line for a store that sells last seasons line at a discount count as fashion forward? To the Americans out there, Winners is like a slightly higher end Ross. Don't get me wrong, I love Winners but I wouldn't say I'm fashion forward either).

Megan she-of-who-everyone-hates-because-of-her-incessant-crying-and-poor-sowing-skills gets teamed up with the strong Shernett and Lucian and end up winning the competition, though the judges call Megan out for probably lucking out with a great team. Meanwhile, Michael heads up a team with Kendra and Stephen and creates a disastrous line. What the hell was with the Jestons look? In the end, leader Michael gets the boot for leading poorly and creating the worst dress of them all (below).

You can watch Episode 5 - Dressing The Diva after the jump:

So Megan survives another week, and the other designers are NOT happy. So when it's time to create a gown for Canadian Opera singer Measha Brueggergosman, everyone assumes that Megan will be going down. Measha has a few rules, most importantly, she sings bare feet and needs a dress to cover that fact. So of course, Frenchie MG does the typical Montreal artiste thing and ignores it all, making a dress (below) that specifically FRAMES the feet and she is REAMED for it.

Carlie makes a backless dress (above) for the full figured Measha and is REAMED for it even though it's a gorgeous dress (though better suited for Iman). Carlie ignores Measha's comments and sucks up to Iman which Measha calls out in a diva dis. Ouch. It's a nice dress but Measha expected more from fellow girls-of-a-certain-size.

Again Lucian comes up with a beautiful dress that still probably needs a BIT of editing (whats with the tassels on the ONE boob?) but in a surprise, Kendra comes up one of the losers. Her dress (below) was fine but it was simple and boring. The detailing was great from up close but would be totally lost on a opera stage. I totally called it out right before the judges repeated the same thing. ACK. Poor Kendra. She's been so strong up until now but I think she was a bit too conservative on this one.

Meanwhile, my other fave, Shernett, creates the exact opposite. A large dramatic, theatrical opera gown (above) with a giant bow (or something... what WAS that? Though you can't really see it in the photo above) in the back. It was bold and kinda neat but a little too much for Measha's taste. It was a love it or hate it dress and Measha couldn't risk that.

I didn't think Stephen's dress was made very well as it seemed to drape poorly as she walked down the runway, making the model look fatter than she was but the judges thought it was Stephen's best dress yet (and it was meant as a compliment and not as a dis if it were up to me). I like Stephen, and he IS doing better but I think almost everyone else is a far stronger designer. On the other hand, it looks great in the picture above. So maybe it just looked funny on camera?

In the end, because MG just didn't listen and had such a bad attitude about it (and I'm sure writing off her second week when she had immunity didn't help), she was booted out. So, two more girls are gone. Megan not only is still in this thing, she WINS the Opera Diva competition with her dress (below) that Measha LOVED. The gold frames the Soprano's face against her black skin, and that simple gesture, keeps Megan safe for another week (and next with immunity). I didn't think the dress was THAT good to WIN the competition but she was clever in listening to Measha's request. Her win did however get the best expressions of disgust from the other designers. Priceless.

So long Michael and MG. You just don't measure up.

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