Sunday, November 11, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Speechless

How Did I Get Here? - Ep. 206

I think I'm officially out of new words and ways to say how great this show is. So really, what is everyone waiting for? Why aren't people watching? The ratings are still plummeting. Granted, being on Friday night doesn't help, even though it helps people remember when the show is on (really? Was it that hard to remember that Friday Night Lights was on Tuesdays before?).

Tim, Jason and Lyla return from Mexico. Lives intact.

There are money problems when Eric receives his first paycheck after returning to the Dillon Panthers. 37% worth of problems, as the cheque shows the pay cut Eric never realised he took after his return and he wants Buddy to rectify it NOW.

Cool Aunt Shelly (Jessalyn Gilsig of Boston Public,Nip/Tuck, Prison Break) comes to visit the Taylors to help take care of the baby as Tami returns to work, taking back the guidance counselor job from temporary Glen, who left most of the work back for her. Shelly lives the ultimate single life, able to attend concerts on a whim, living a green lifestyle and being an all-round fun aunt (with sexy outfit in hand for Julie which does NOT impress Eric) and it makes Tami rethink her family life.

Eric hires back Jason! And takes a look at ex-Juvi Santiago as a prospect for the team, even though he has a few kinks to work out (like running long, but not catching the ball... and still running, since he wasn't told to catch the ball. !?! So hilariously cute!)

Tim has been kicked off the team after disappearing for a week, but Lyla asks Tim to help train Santiago. Tim and his brother go see Tami to try to reinstate him back on the team, which as you can imagine, does not go well and Tami doesn't buy their spiel.

A new girl Lauren is in town and she has her eyes on Matt! And Julie apologizes. Yah, too late Julie. Now look what you lost?

Leave it to Smash to make an inspiring speech to convince Tim to fight for a return to football. The leave it to Smash to want to smack him in the head right after when he blurts out to his mom Corina that he wanted apple pie over the one she made.

Jason is thrown a birthday party and then goes to Eric the next day to tell him he's quitting coaching and seems to really want a change in his life, a way out of Dillon.

Lauren and Matt make out and Julie sees. Oh oh!

Eric takes the supposed easy job of Athletics Director to balance off his paycheck but there's more to it than Buddy had described. Eric is NOT pleased. Again. The girls soccer coach Bobbie Roberts is angry about the disparities between her teams' equipment and all the stuff the footballers get and she's going to keep annoying Eric until it's rectified.

Landry's father squeezes out the confession out of Landry and he subsequently takes the station wagon in question and burns it. GASP... I knew he would help his son when he found out. Now to what lengths? I'm shocked but not surprised but it was still chilling to watch.

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I love this show!