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Those "That Guy"s - Marshall, Booth, House, Chuck, Joshua, Sheldon and Peter

How I Met Your Mother - Spoiler Alert - Ep 308
Bones - Boy in the Time Capsule - Ep. 307
House - Ugly - Ep. 407
Gossip Girl - Seventeen Candles - Ep. 107
Beauty and the Geek - Raising the Bar - Ep. 410
The Big Bang Theory - The Grasshopper Experiment - Ep. 108
Heroes - The Kindness of Strangers, The Line, Out of Time, Four Months Ago - Ep. 204, 206-208, Ep. 205 Here

I don't have much time but while we still have TV to talk about, let's discuss:

How I Met Your Mother - YAY! Literally! Marshall passed the bar! "Lawsuit up!"!!! Lindsay Price (who DOES she know that she keeps getting her onto shows? Though she was funny here and actually the only good thing in Lipstick Jungle) is Ted's new girlfriend Cathy who the gang hates because of her incessant talking. (Robin: (on Cathy) "She's a keeper, just keep her somewhere else"). This starts a round where everyone points out everyone else's annoyances.

Best one, Marshall singing everything he does.

Or Lily's loud chewing/crunching. Marshall: (to Lily) "I love you, but when you eat it sounds like a garbage disposal full of drywall screws."

Or Robin always saying "literally". Barney: "Don't they teach you vocabulary in Canada?" Marshall: "They don't, Literally, they don't". (They really don't.)

Next week: Slapsgiving!!! The Countdown closes in!

On Bones: Booth is THAT guy. THAT guy in high school. We all knew that. The squints all knew that. Booth does not know that. Sweet wants Booth to reveal a revealing, embarrassing moment to Bones and he tries, but they always end up being stories of someone else being embarrassed. Meanwhile, a High School Time Capsule is opened and a body is discovered within the nasty liquids and mementos of the 80's (floppy discs! A-tracks! Boom boxes!). Ew. Patrick Fabian/Prof. Landry is back (yet again, who does HE know for popping up on every show?) so automatically I assume he's the killer, but alas, he's not. In fact, he was clueless to the fact that his wife had an affair and that his son is really the son of the murdered computer geek. This brings back all the high school roles into the lab, with Bones leading as Brainy Smurf while Booth is obviously THAT guy. Personally, I was the guy that knew enough people in every clique to not get beat up, but not really belong in any clique. I was luckily the smart guy but not the smartest so I wasn't the nerdiest of the bunch. I knew to lay low enough to avoid that. Whew.

On House: Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) has still yet to prove to House that she has the smarts to stay in the game, which Wilson points out, and House really wonders if she keeps the beautiful women around because he's like THAT guy. All guys really.

House: "I can't believe I'm that guy."
Dr. Wilson: "Every guy is that that guy."
House: "I'm not every guy."
Dr. Wilson: "What is this, semantics here? All guys are that guy."
House: "I'm not all guys!"

Michael Michelle is a clear and automatic disappointment but House actually feels a conscience and withholds firing her since she left her life behind at the CIA to join House's team.

House: "She had good ideas at Langley."
Dr. Wilson: "All your ideas."
House: "She was able to identify that they were good ideas."
Dr. Wilson: "Stab in the dark here. Is she pretty?"

Meanwhile, a man with a large face deformity stumps the group as a documentary crew follows the team. It's nice when House diverts from its procedural but with the new ducklings, the documentary angle was unnecessary and distracting (and reminder of the annoying first episode of Season 4 Entourage). It allowed the crew to extract an accidental love confession out of Cameron but that was kinda lame. Anyways, you knew Thirteen was going to come up with the solution to justify House keeping her around because, well, Olivia Wilde is hot. I actually get that and totally dig her and since we know she and Kal Penn are the most famous/hottest of the bunch, they're totally going to be picked.

On Gossip Girl: Ugh, I hate Vanessa. I understand there needs to be an Anna Stern/Amanda Woodward interloper to Dan and Serena's Seth Cohen/Billy Campbell and Summer/Allison hookup but Vanessa annoys the heck out of me.

Yeah, I feel the same way too Serena. Just bitch slap the woman. I won't hate you for it.

Meanwhile, Grant Show/Jake Hanson/Ryan Atwood Nate is totally being pimped out by his mom to marry Blair even though they just broke up, but Nate reconsiders while Blair, desperately trying to forget her night with Chuck and trying to win Nate back on her 17th birthday (SHE'S ONLY SEVENTEEN ON THE SHOW???) nicely manipulates him into begging her back.

That is, when Michael Mancini Chuck isn't totally crawling all over her with his slimy hands and realising that he's actually aching for Blair. Ewwww. This could be tasty. Chuck becomes THAT GUY that ends up falling in love, despite his best to stay the cad he so wants to remain.

Dan and Jenny's mom shows up and she's not as famous as I would have thought they would have cast. Instead, Mrs. Humphrey's, who could have been Dan and Serena's older sister just as Rufus could have been their older brother, is still getting the cold shoulder from Rufus since she cheated on him.

On Beauty and the Geek: The Beauties need to pick up nasty bugs (insects I mean) while the Geeks learn the art of making a cocktail (kinda like Tom Cruise but much less gay) and seriously, Joshua was hysterical. Oh poor Josh, trying to flip the open-topped cream carafe. Then again, Dave flung cranberry juice all over himself. Nicole just kept swinging her arm like she was using a lasso (with a brilliant interpretation by Sam, who while the biggest narcissist in the world, is pretty damn funny). Meanwhile, Will, still at war with partner Jen, was probably going to knock someone out with a bottle or two after being confident with the task and overdoing the attempted tricks.

In the end, Sam won the bug contest and Dave won the bar tricks, leaving Will and Jen against Joshua and Shay, and it couldn't have been Shay who would bring a tear to my eye as she outlined the changes within her because of Josh and the geeks, which means of course, they would end up losing the elimination round and be forced to leave. Nooooo. Another team I liked gone. Again.

On The Big Bang Theory: Raj's parents try to set him up with a possible wife, but instead, Sheldon and Lalita make more of a connection than Raj does. But the most poignant line comes from Wolowitz: "Is it just me, or does webchatting with your clothes on seem a little pointless?" So true so true... hahaha

And finally, I caught up on Heroes...


Seriously, between falling half asleep during some episodes or losing attention while my mind wandered elsewhere (what should I eat for dinner? do I really want to date someone that actually likes torture porn? I think it's time to book another haircut. should I go swimming today or do more weights? what's the meaning of life?) I finally got to the big Adam Monroe reveal and was like. Huh?

Wait, who is good? Who is evil? The Haitian was helping Peter? Who is chasing who anymore? What's with Nikki/Jessica? Why is she even still on the series anymore? Yes, I know I defended her character last year but I was wrong. People make mistakes. Now rub her out.

Meanwhile, Matt Parkman's story has gotten BORING (or actually, shall I say, always was BORING) and I don't care about that little girl anymore (if I really ever did). Has Suresh ever really done ANYTHING on this show other than providing another token non-Caucasian cast member onto the series? Hiro finally meets his love, no, not the girl, I mean being brought back to the present with Ando (who looks like he could use some sleep and less of the partying now that he's made it in Hollywood). Claire is kissy kissy with freak cute boy but they haven't really progressed much with it since the first episode of this season. About the only funny thing that happened was when he freaked after seeing HRG in Claire's house.

Peter and Irish girl keep jumping around the world, being naked and all (about the only thing I ended up concentrating on), while Kristen Bell's Elle proves that Veronica Mars Season 4 really should have happened.

There are the wonder twins............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And didn't they use the 4 months ago device last year already? Didn't that just prove the whole previous 7 episodes were almost kinda useless? Or at least, needlessly confusing?

Anyways, David Anders rocks the role of Adam (even though I'm truly confused about who/what/why he is) and Kristen Bell because she's just awesome no matter what, and I do like the black girl that can copy anything she sees. But they've split the old Heroes up too much and into tedious storylines. I find it like tedious homework now to watch, and if I didn't have this blog, I'd probably have dropped it by now. Is this some kinda sign about this blog?

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