Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beauty and the Geek - Too Beautiful To Be A Geek

Super Geek - Ep. 407
Viva Mexico! - Ep. 409

Ack... the best madeover geeks are dropping like flies. Not that I don't adore Muppet Joshua or Dave isn't strangely endearing but let's face it. Some of the makeovers from the week before were better than others.

2 weeks ago, the teams had to work together to create a superhero, and never have I laughed so much watching the geeks geek out at the excitement of making the beauties into superhereos with full out costume. Yes, spandex and all. Jennifer has boobs that hypnotize. Sam is just super. I think we just found the episode that tops the makeover episode.

Last week was a recap episode, so this week, the remaining teams are off to Mexico, where the beauties run around trying to figure out puzzles while the geeks must learn to dance. John (above left) does a pretty good job but Dave (above right) rips his shirt open and Joshua is just funny as always, shaking his groove thing.

Sadly, Sam won both the last challenge and this week's challenge. Since it was a team effort creating superheroes, only Sam and Nicole were winners and they chose Jesse and Erin to go head to head with John and Natalie, with Jesse and Erin eliminated. With John and Natalie still seen as the biggest threat, this week's winners Sam and Nicole and dancing winner Dave and partner Jasmine must choose which 2 of the remaining 3 teams will stay in the competition, with no quiz to save oneself. And out goes John and Natalie over still-bickering Jennifer and Will.

Dangit. Even Will was angry over the choice.

So out goes Jesse and Erin:

and John and Natalie

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