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Project Runway North America - The Bitch of Swimming

Project Runway Canada - Splash From The Past - Ep. 108
Project Runway - I Started Crying - Ep. 402

Since I'm always going to be behind on Project Runway since we aren't getting it simulcast, I'll just stick to my opinions but Liz at Glowybox has a good recap here. It's Sarah Jessica Parker, Tim and Christian's demented sidemullet! Great word Liz!

But first, let's talk about another shocking result on Project Runway Canada. 10 points by the way if you actually get my reference in the title above. For regular readers (or the observant), it's probably pretty easy since I don't exactly hide my obsessions.

Granted, we are down to 6 players now so basically every result will be shocking now. I mean, we spent so much time waiting for Megan to finally leave, that now that she's actually gone, I realised we were left with 6 pretty talented designers.

Stephen is probably the weakest but he's been having some good weeks and he's entertaining, plus he's kinda like that poor puppy underdog we kind of root for.

Meanwhile, after winning the Charity competition, Biddell goes from funny obnoxious to just obnoxious, sitting on his laurels and needling his ego into the others, particularly Lucian. Poor Lucian. Seriously, from the way these two bitch fight with each other, I swear they were in love in some old classic war-of-the-words romantic comedy movie with Katherine Hepburn or something. Only gay(er).

So the task at hand is to pick a model with an assigned iconic fashion from the past, then use that inspiration to design a swimsuit not just for the model, but for an added plus-sized model as well. Did I mention they have a tiny budget again?

In the end, after most of the rest of the group gets fed up with Biddell's antics (who is mostly sitting idling by this competition resting on his immunity), Biddell and Stephen remain safe right away, and some weird piss off match happens backstage as Stephen (in a friendly way I think) tries to warn Biddell that people are tired of his shit and Biddell will have nothing of it. Whoa, what happened to sweet life-saving Biddell from the last challenge?

I love that Kendra calls out the boys as high maintenance, even Biddell with his rougher exterior.

MG with her designs inspired from the Brit Punk Rock era wins this week, which does work well, though I have to say, I feel I've seen it many times before since it would seem pretty easy to work with the British flag, but whatever.

Meanwhile, two of the early strong contenders, Kendra and Shernett falter and Shernett has a horrendous flapper design for her plus-sized model that seems to accentuate the plus part of it. I was sure she would be out since Kendra's seemed more adherent to her era (Victorian) and while a little boring and tame, was not accentuating anything bad at least. So I was shocked when Shernett was safe (especially after having two bad weeks in a row in the judges eyes) while Kendra just didn't measure up.

The pictures of the swimsuit designs are below.

On Project Runway, I must say. Elisa is crazy. Not just for spitting on her material but TELLING PEOPLE PROUDLY that she spits on the material. On the other hand, who doesn't know Elisa is crazy now?

I'm sure I would have teenage girl geeked out screaming too but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have cried if I met Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh wait. I HAVE met Sarah Jessica Parker and when I could see her (the girl is TINY. I was like. That's all her? Where's the rest of her? No wonder they set the budget at $15 for this competition. It only takes that much material to cover her), she was very nice and kindly let us take a picture with her. Still, I was calm. Cool even. Ha.

But seriously, from the designers reactions you would have thought it was the next coming of Christ or Coco Chanel at least?

Anyways, I didn't think Marion and Steven's design was THAT ugly. It wasn't good but maybe cause I kinda like Marion but he didn't deserve to go (though poor Steven was trying to scramble his way into saving himself after seeing the dress that would tank).

Christian and Carmen's dress was FUGLY though. Seriously, they let him get away with that? I mean, he's entertaining for the show but I think that's the only reason he stayed. He's annoying but amusing to laugh at/with/at.

I liked Ricky and Jack's dress but I think mostly because of the belt and Elisa and Sweet P. Got lucky because of that shawl.

Meanwhile, I keep changing my mind on Victorya and Kevin's dress. Sometimes I think it's quite cute and nice. Sometimes I think its big, black and bloaty.

Anyways, in the end, Marion got screwed as was Auf'd. It's too bad. I'd like to find out what his skin care regiment was. I can't believe he was 39. He looked GOOD for 39.

Designs of all the pairings at the bottom of the post.

Here are the Project Runway Canada designs:

Biddell's designs:

Kendra's losing designs:

Lucian's designs:

MG's designs:

Shernett's designs:

Stephen's designs:

And here are the Project Runway designs:

Christian and Carmen's design:

Elisa and Sweet P's design:

Victorya and Kevin's design:

Ricky and Jack's design:

Rami and Jillian's design:

Marion and Steven's losing design:

Kit and Chris' design:

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Liz said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! (And yes, that side-mullet is probably destroying the world, one dollop of hair gel at a time.)

Vance said...

Seriously, and it's starting to show up in all the clubs. I thought the gays were fashion foward. God i hope that is not fashion forward.

On a side note, if you happen to watch Degrassi, does Christian not resemble Marco a bit? Who himself had bad hair up until this year.

Also, loved your recap Liz but I've avoided this weeks but I just realised Im away for the weekend and won't have time to catch up and watch... so I think I may as well head over there and just read it now.

Liz said...

If any variation of a mullet is fashion forward, then I'm giving up on fashion entirely and wearing overalls all the time.

I don't watch Degrassi, but after a quick google image search, I can totally see the resemblance.

Glad you're enjoying the recaps--this week's challenge was waaay more bananas than I thought it would be!