Monday, April 30, 2007

iPod On-The-Go Music Playlist - CanCon / LoveStoned

Michael Bublé's new album (do people still call them CD's? Discs? Now that they are on the outs and practically everything is digital these days?) Call Me Irresponsible hits stores tomorrow (May 1st 2007). Loving his new song "Everything".

Fellow Canadian Feist also drops her new disc The Reminder. Here's her new single "1 2 3 4" which is getting a lot of airplay on the radio these days here in Toronto. I wonder if it's cause we have better radio stations (not owned by one bigass corporate conglomerate but instead owned by several smaller Canadian (and thus less powerful) corporate congolomerates) or that they just needed to fill their CanCon quota's (Canadian Content, for the Americans who don't know). Whatever, Canadian Music is the one thing I can deal more with sometimes (see City and Colour for example, not Celine Dion (though I don't actually hate her and still like that Titanic song)).

And here's the latest Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila (and the only winner to really do well), with her really cute song "Fallin' For You" from her Somewhere Else CD. It's no Kelly Clarkson but it's cute enough (and better than Kelly's new song, which I'm kinda hating right now, which makes me sad).

Also, "Lovestoned/i think she knows" is SOOOO ADDICTIVE. I LOVE THIS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SONG. I know. I'm about 6 months behind the times at this point. Deal with it.

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That's So Gay! Mostly British Edition

Seriously, why don't we get gay tv like this? Grease: YTOTIW didn't even come close. This looks REALLY REALLY GAY. I love the Brits and the BBC.

Any Dream Will Do hosted by Graham Norton, searching for the next male lead to sing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? (The only Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that I truly love by the way, the rest is mostly crap, though I'm still debating about Evita, though I will also admit I performed it in high school so I'm a little biased as well. We were pretty damn good though if I do say so myself, and one cast member ended up on Broadway in Rent, and another, wrote a little musical that just got nominated for a Drama League award! Not bad for a very macho all boys school). Seriously... so so so gay. And all we got was Billy Bush?

Anyways, seems like the UK love their gays, as this years Big Brother UK might be gayified with half the cast being identified as gay or bi. How come all we get is Bucky and Marcellas?

And speaking of gay and musical theatre and reality show contestants, here's this piece on American Idol finalist Anthony Federov (who isn't gay I know, but please... like we don't really know) , which makes me laugh somehow...

Anthony Federov photo by Joan Marcus

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Spring Comes To The World! Even Australia!

It's coming! It's coming!

Oh yey FINALLY! An announcement about Spring Awakening National Tours which will begin in the Fall of 2008 (2008? WHAT?) as well as productions around the world including United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Australia. WHAT? NO CANADA? (Or are we included in the National Tour which we are sometimes? because apparently we aren't considered another country to some Americans (or Canadians for that matter)).

Still, I urge you to SEE the CURRENT ORIGINAL CAST who are just mesmerizing. Plus, while I know there are lots of talented kids out there, I'm sure it's going to be harder to cast than they think, which they seemed to have learned this past weekend at an open call audition in NY where over 1000 kids came out hoping to play Melchior, Wendla and others.

It's a sad state when two of the best shows I have EVER seen, Company and Spring Awakening, sit with empty seats while other crap (I won't even bother linking to them) sell to full houses (or close to full).

Then again, my sister saw Legally Blonde on Friday and thought it was cute and funny. Which seems to be the general concensus. Mostly.

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Money Money Money

So it's tax time in Canada and if you owe the government money, it's due in the mail TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT FOLKS! Oh the joy! Well, the good news is that I apparently did quite well last year and did it correctly, meaning I owe the government money right now, meaning I didn't give them an interest free loan throughout the year. The bad news is, I owe the government money.

All of which brings me this. Have I ever told you how much I love watching The Suze Orman Show on CNBC? Seriously, it makes me feel so much better listening to other people talk about their financial questions/problems and making me realise I'm in SO MUCH BETTER SHAPE than what seems like half of America. I mean, I'm not rolling in the dough or anything (yet), but how fun is it to listen to others people's idiotic financial desicions and then have Suze yell at them? So fun!

Anyways, I don't seek out to watch it but if I flip by on my way to the Food Network or MTV (I know, I'm still a sucker for the Real World and Real World vs Road Rules Challenges) , I'll usually stop at The Suze Orman Show and then end up watching the rest of the episode because seriously, Suze rocks, and at this point, DON'T PEOPLE KNOW NEVER TO CARRY CREDIT CARD DEBT? ARE YOU STUPID? Does Suze need to repeat this any more than she already does? It's like pure schadenfreude.

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And The Teens Shall Meet

So the Live Verbal Mashup Town Hall between the casts of Spring Awakening and Degrassi: TNG is today, live at the Eugene O'Neill Theater at 2pm, streamed on AOL Red at 3pm apparently. Moderated by Rosie O'Donnell with a possible guest host, Zack Braff.


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Friday, April 27, 2007

Scrubs - My Melody

My Cold Shower

Wait. THAT was FELICITY? Eliot's visiting friend from college was played by Keri Russell (and I cannot WAIT for her little indie movie Waitress to open May 4th (in selected cities. For free screening tickets, click here), more on Summer Movie Previews soon, when I'm not swamped at work).

It took me until midway between the show opener and the first commercial break before I realised that Melody was Ms. Felicity herself. I like this new sexy confident character instead of the mopey Noel? Ben? Noel? Ben? (btw, I was for Ben all the way).

Anyways, did anybody else catch NBC's promo tagline to watch the final four episodes of Scrubs? Did anybody else interpret it as a sign of cancellation too or am I way overthinking this?

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Henry (Don't) Get Your Gun

So apparently I was right. Jonathan Groff's character Henry IS the psycho that will take the high school kids hostage as they try to do their high school musical. Except that now they will have to re-film (I just couldn't use the word "shoot" there) those One Life To Live scenes without a gun. Oh no! My Melchior is going bad! At least that can now legitimately explain some of Groff's big eyed stares when he wasn't actually speaking (so far, his acting is good when he speaks, not so much when the camera isn't focussed on him). Damnit, I was hoping the "Henry is not what he seems" would be him jumping on the lead jock who is somewhat forced into doing the musical. That's a whole other soap isn't it?

By the way, the lead star girl's name is Starr? Are they for real?

Other related articles:
Casting a Soap Net
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30 Rock - Misery Loves Company, So What Will Alec Do?

Hiatus - Season Finale

Jack's mom arrives to meet Phoebe (Emily Mortimer) but takes an instant dislike to the waify Brit and an instant liking to Liz instead. Of course, Jack's mom is played by the esteemed Elaine Stritch. I still to this day remember her turn as Rudy's teacher on The Cosby Show and never forgot her snap and rancour which was of course hilarous coming from an older lady who are usually depicted as sweet and loving.

Jack has a medical attack and lands in the hospital and Liz is listed as his emergency contact because he trusts her to pull the plug. Which she wants to do, in a loving way. I guess if Alec Baldwin really wants out (to deal with his anger issues and parenting skills), this could be it for real...

Liz might have broken up with Floyd (in Cleveland) while their cell phones were breaking up during the conversation.

Tracy is missing much to Jenna's delight (if Alec goes, can they really get rid of Jane Krakowski? as some are predicting?), but that stresses Liz out as they go into their final episode of the season. Jack and Liz realise Kenneth knows where he is hiding and attempt to grill him.

Tracy meanwhile is hiding out at Kenneth's hillbilly's cousin, Jesse's place, played with usual spastic delight from Sean Hayes (Will and Grace). Jesse grows a fan obsession for Tracy and then locks him up Misery style before Kenneth must come and save the day and the show goes on. Well, until they go on hiatus.

It's too bad 30 Rock is going on hiatus now for real, since it just felt like it started hitting its stride in the last bunch of episodes, and now that Alec wants out, what will next year be like? Ugh...

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ugly Betty - Sex in the City


Not the best Ugly Betty but there are still enough zingers on this show everytime that I still laughed out loud several times.

Daniel is blackmailed by a Russian mother/daughter pair after he has sex with Petra, the daughter and finds out that she's 16. Of COURSE they would NEVER really go there and Betty figures out that she's actually 20 and Betty and Daniel return back their trust to each other.

Alexis is seduced by a sexy Brazilian from Mode Brazil, where she has sex for the first time as a woman. Yes they actually DID really go there and we figure out that Wilhelmina planted the seed for Bradford to pay off the sexy Brazilian to lure Alexis away from Mode in New York.

Hilda is caught sneaking out to have sex with Santos, but after Ignacio has a good talk with Santos, he proposes to Hilda. Then there's a great scene with Hilda asking Justin his thoughts, with him tossing it back to her as her decision and is okay with whatever she chooses. Brilliant. I love the scenes with Hilda and Justin. Then again, I love any scene with Justin and ANY character.

Wilhelmina continues to bed Bradford to work her way to the Editor-in-Chief position, even though Bradford confesses that as he said to Faye, he will never leave his wife for her.

Amanda becomes numero uno fag hag to a new designer, until he comes out of the closet as a straight, giving Amanda everything she ever wanted, free clothes and a hot man with a hot ass. Not sure I like Amanda having a relationship since part of the fun is watching her sexy, single and snarky but whatever that gives Becky Newton more scenes works for me!

Finally, Betty and Henry continue to circle each other and sparks continues to fly, but this time, Charlie catches them.

Next week, Ignacio must be deported back to Mexico and it's Secretaries Day! More Marc and Amanda!

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Tapeworthy Tries To Be Cultured

So every once in a while I like to pretend that I'm actually hip and cultured and go out to see little indie films (while I arrange getting advanced tickets to Spiderman 3 with friends, yes, I know, the irony of it all) or do artsy things and I try to stay connected by promoting cool friends and their interesting projects even though I may have no idea what it all really means (but I'll nod enthusiastically for you if you want).

So last night I went to finally check out Hot Docs, a film festival for documentary films that seems to be doing quite well for Toronto. I saw Seven Dumpsters and a Corpse by a Swiss director following him and his brother as they try to clean up the mess their mother left after she is found dead. It kinda reminded me of Grey Gardens a bit, only if the crazy were dead already. Of course, it was an interesting film in that the brothers were physically digging through the piles of trash that their mother had left building in her apartment, while they slowly discovered their mother as a person through her stuff. Hmm... it's like my college Material Cultures class all over again. Annmarie Adams would be proud.

Still, it was hand held, it was shaky and went on for about 30 minutes too long. The director never knew how to zoom out so you never really knew what you were starring at and I still have a headache. Maybe I should have just stayed home to watch American Idol? Oh I TRY. (Still, I will NEVER forget that HORRIBLE movie I saw at the Toronto Film Festival years ago, which was the biggest piece of crap EVER. Apparently half the audience agreed and walked out, the other half gave a standing Bravo! What's worse is that I knew the director and two of the actors were family friends (not that they knew what was going on in the film either!???!!! Isn't that a BAD sign?). So much for being a supportive friend).

Okay, thank god for ABC and NBC's Thursday Must See TV Lineup tonight...

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Loves Musik, Seeking Journey Boys

So the Drama Desk nominations have come out and while LoveMusik got the most nods which Modfab did not seem to like), Spring Awakening did quite well, including TWO nominations in the Best Actor in a Musical category with both Jonathan Groff (right) and Jon Galagher Jr. (left) getting nods. This makes things interesting since I've said that JGJr deserves a spot in the main actor category just as much as Groff does, but I believe the Tony Awards only allow one actor per show to be nominated in the main acting category and I would assume Jon Galagher Jr. will get bumped to Featured Actor.

Still, seems like everyone I expected got a nomination, though they usually list 6 per category while the Tony's usually only have 4 so still doesn't help us figure it out.

BTW, Here's a hilarious account of LoveMusik abridged (check the Spring Awakening and A Chorus Line too all by the same guy, both pretty hilarious if you know the shows).

And while it may not be as bad as Spiderman The Musical, looks like Catch Me If You Can: The Musical is on its way here. And I kinda want to see Young Frankenstein now, again, if only for the cast which includes Sutton Foster and Megan Mullaly.

The 21st Annual Easter Bonnet Competition with Broadway stars performing for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids looked like so much fun! Man, Hunter Bell ([title of show]) seems to be in a good position! Journey Boys (with the cast of Journey's End) looked hilarious. Or something like that... I'll stop drooling now. I would have loved to see the cast of Company doing A Chorus Line if John Doyle had directed it!

So my sister is seeing Legally Blonde The Musical tonight so I'll see what she had to say about it.

Interesting note here, Steve Sater and Duncan Sheik won the Dramatist Guild Award for Spring Awakening, beating out Pulitzer Prize winner Rabbit Hole. Woot Woot! Here's one for teenage promiscuity beating out parental mourning the death of a child (oh wait. Spring Awakening had that too!).

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American Idol - Results Top 6 - Idol's a Giver'

Top 6 down to Top 6

No one got voted off. Oh good. I didn't really miss anything.

Next week, bottom 2 go home from the tabulated results from both weeks. While the most obvious would be LaKisha and Phil, I think it will be LaKisha and someone that will shock us (Blake? Jordin? Melinda?).

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Degrassi's Spring Is Looking Rosie while Daytime TV is Not

OMG Rosie O'Donnell is moderating the Town Meeting Mashup (that I had reported on before) with the cast of Spring Awakening and Degrassi TNG ? WHA??? Rosie by the way IS in fact leaving The View. Crap, what am I going to watch whenever I'm sick at home?

Rumour by the way is that there's also going to be a special guest host at the Spring Awakening/ Degrassi TNG Mashup Town Meeting and I have a link to his blog on my site's sidebar...

The whole thing will air on AOL at 3pm on Monday, April 30th (though the live taping is at 2pm, which theatremania got wrong).

Speaking of which, One Life To live is curbing their high school hostage storyline a bit from May Sweeps due to the VTech shootings. Wait. It was going to a hostage situation? Not just a high school musical? Was Jonathan Groff's Henry going to tbe the shooter? (Think about it, he's the ignored loser, used and abused by the popular girl he's in love with and her posse, has a sort of dazed look to him (which is really just Jonathan Groff not being used to the camera and being a bad actor but I love him anyways and thinks he deserves a Tony nomination so I'll assume he's just in "character"). Plus apparently he's not even one of the singers in the musical. What's the point? Plus they already said in the original press release that Henry is not shy quiet one he seems to be... da da DUM)

Meanwhile, Spring Awakening got their deserved Drama League nomination though it seemed like almost everyone else did too (check the list, there's quite a few nominees).

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Harry Potter - What A Teaser He Is!

OMG, Only 79 More Days until Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix comes out (July 13th)! And here's the new trailer they just released!

Meanwhile, here's a few more stills to tie us over:

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American Idol - Sans Sanjaya

American Idol Top 6

So here is what happened. Spoilers ahead. Yes, I know, it's on TONIGHT, but tonights performance show was actually taped last night (to give more time for them to prepare the big 2 hour American Idol Gives Back show on Wednesday) and since I was going to miss it anyways (in my attempt at a life that has been thrust upon me this week, ironically TV-turnoff week, a week I usually make sure I TURN ON the TV, so this year is just a coincidence that I'll miss everything this week and actually have my TV turned-off), I might as well find out what happens since I won't have time to watch it until possibly Thursday or Saturday.

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Degrassi: TNG - Why Don't You Just Poke Her?

Sunglasses At Night I can, so I can... doo doo doo...

Hold on, I got a hot hand here...

So Marco misses Dylan and goes all poker crazy and becomes an addict within 22 minutes, wins, then loses, loses big, gets caught playing in Squatch Designs T-Shirt Store (which with the reno, looks fabulous doesn't it? Or at least from what you can see since they barely deviate from the super close-ups on this show), where the cops arrest him for trespassing (along with Jay. Does Jay get to do anything that isn't considered bad?) when Spinner doesn't back him up. Ouch. You know, if he just started poking people on facebook instead of gambling, this could have been all avoided.

Meanwhile, Darcy and Peter are caught kissing by Kim, even though Darcy said she was helping out her grandma. Bad girl Darcy. Bad. You know, if Peter just started poking Darcy on facebook instead of getting Darcy caught outside kissing her secret boyfriend, this could have been all avoided.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Disneyfication - 1, Art - 0

Congrats to my friend Chris Bond for having his show Evil Dead the Musical, that he co-created and co-directed, nominated for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical.

Of course, while that news is great, I'm not sure it means much when Mary Poppins gets 11 nominations while Spring Awakening gets 3. What the HELL? Don't get me wrong. I love Disney sometimes (Take me to DisneyWorld and I'm back to being a 10 year old kid, you know, as opposed to 16 in regular life). I love cheesy musicals. I've seen Mamma Mia multiple times for godsakes. Still. What the HELL?

I knew the cast would be blown off just because they were young, but no Best Lighting or Choreography? No Christine Estabrooke or Stephen Spinella? No John Galagher Jr.? The only nomination for A Chorus Line is for Charlotte D'Amboise? the biggest name but the weakest link of the show? If anybody, at LEAST Natalie Cortez or Jason Tam should have gotten one. At LEAST Barbara Walsh for Company.

Only 3 noms for Company? Simply the best revival I've seen to date, of ANY musical? I haven't seen In The Heights but I hear its sweet and cute but nothing to scream about, and that gets more than Spring or Company? Seems like the Outer Critics just went for the usual or big names; Michael Cerveris, Boyd Gaines, Donna Murphy, Audra McDonald, Karen Ziemba, David Hyde Pierce, Kristen Chenowith, Rebecca Luker (some deserved, others just out of lazy voting in my opinion). But Ashley Brown? Seriously, do people just have THAT short attention spans? Since most of the nominated shows only officially opened recently (minus the giant juggernaut of Mary Poppins).

Oh well, should I REALLY be surprised? Let's hope Tony voters will see the lame picks and choose more wisely. Though I'm not really counting on it now.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Doesn't Everybody Just Break Out Singing In Real Life? Or Is It Just Me?

Seriously, I'm not THAT much a musical theatre queen. I just like to talk about it.

So if you've already read ModFab or Playbill or BroadwayWorld, you'll already know that the cast of Mamma Mia's movie version is growing everyday, now with Christine Baranski (The Birdcage), Julie Walters (Billy Elliot), Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried (Veronica Mars), Dominic Cooper (The History Boys, and who I picked last year as one of the next up and comers to watch for), Stellan Skarsgard and according to the imdb page, a rumoured Bill Nighy (though I have a feeling it's either Stellan or Bill as the third potential father), all who will join Meryl Streep (who apparently has just signed onto the film version of another Broadway hit, Doubt) as they sing and dance to Abba in a ludicrous, and ludicrously enjoyable musical.

Sweeney Todd opens in the fall. Hairspray's new trailer is out. I can't WAIT for all these movie musicals, even though they've been screwing up most of them of late (Rent, The Producers, Dreamgirls). Still, I'm optimistic. SEE, I'm not ANGRY all the time. I just get angry AFTER I'm disappointed when I actually see the results.

I have to say though, the cast of Hairspray STILL excites me. No, not John Travolta (who isn't in the trailer that much... hmm), but between Christopher Walken and Michelle Pfeiffer and all the teens, including Amanda Bynes (above with newcomer Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, who, after seeing She's The Man a few weeks back, confirms that I HEART AMANDA BYNES and she has the funniest facial expressions from any actress in that age group and can turn ANYTHING into comic gold (see What I Like About You)), Zac Efron (High School Musical), Brittany Snow (American Dreams) and Elijah Kelly (Take The Lead, the most awesomest movie of last year... okay. no, but better than you expected? yes? I for one, was actually surprised that it didn't totally suck, thank god.) Anyways, here's the first blogger review that I found that has seen a screening of a roughcut for Hairspray and so far so good!

ModFab also reports of a Spiderman musical in the works. Marvel confirmed. Good heavens no. Although what happened to the Batman musical they had talked about?

Fame is being redone for MGM for summer 2008 release in movie theatres. Sign Travis Wall up NOW. Highbrow (my former fellow blogger and initiator of this blog who dropped out due to laziness and somehow left me hanging around here, what the?) has said that now is finally the time to redo Fame (the incarnation on Fox a few years back in the 90's was just too early, and poorly executed at that), and So You Think You Can Dance's Season 2 runner up Travis Wall would be PERFECT as one of the dancing students.

Meanwhile, word on livejournal so far is that Legally Blonde is okay but not going to be really a contender against Spring Awakening for Best Musical. Which didn't win the Pulitzer (mainly cause apparently it didn't really qualify, or at least that's what I keep telling myself) but Rabbit Hole did, which also starred John Galagher Jr. (who totally deserves to win the Tony for Best Featured Actor this year).

John Lloyd Young just re-signed for another 6 months on Jersey Boys, not that you can really get tickets still for the next year, so it's still too late unless you want to line up for 4 hours for standing room or student rush (which yes, it's actually quite worth it. Just don't go next week because my sister is trying to get the student rush tickets again, and I'm a protective brother).

Anyways, ModFab does a great weekly column Stage Addiction that compiles all the new stories from the Broadway news sites and whatever insiders info he seems to have. Though he fears the Mamma Mia movie, which I'm all excited about, but I'll forgive the doubters! (I know, watch me ranting wrong in 2008...) hmm... I'm shilling a lot for this dude today...(?)

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lost - Hair Raising Events

Catch 22

Okay, so another episode of Lost, and another question solved and another question pondered.

The answered question: Henry Ian Cusick who plays Desmond definitely looks better with the short hair (in the flashbacks when we find out he tried to be a monk before he was fired and met Penny) than with the longer scraggly hair on the island (where he has another premonition of Charlie dying, saves him from the arrow (though I still couldn't look) but then finds it all pointless, finds an outsider who parachuted in, thinks it's Penny, it isn't. It's a black chick who knows Desmonds name. Da Da Dum. Boom: LOST).

The big question pondered: So is the short hair an actual haircut or just a wig? Or has the long hair been the wig the entire time? People. Discuss. Oh yeah, plus, who is that parachute chick?

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American Idol - Girl, You Can Eat Now!

Results - Top 7, and 6 Remain

All it took was one night out for me and me not watching American Idol live to finally get rid of Sanjaya? Man, I would have had gotten a life long time ago if I knew that's all it was going to take.

Not really surprised LaKisha was bottom 2. Granted, I've had that feeling for 3 weeks now so it was bound to happen sometime, so my prediction really wasn't all that.

Anyways, Phil's a lucky guy. At least for one more week.

So so long Sanjaya. I'll actually kinda miss your orgasmic performance face... Well, not really (ugh, shudder).

OKay, we need a palate cleanser... Here are my top 4 picks in no particular order.
Blake Lewis of course because finally we have a contestant who tries to be original (within the context of Idol of course) and modern.

Chris Richardson because I actually buy his whole act. Okay, and I'm a sucker.

Melinda Doolittle, well, becaue do we need to talk about how amazing that voice is again? Plus, she rocked the new 'do this week!

And finally Jordin Sparks. Even her name screams Idol!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Men Change? I Know I Don't

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Faith Off
Gilmore Girls - Hay Bale Maze

Ah, Men. Do we really change?

Christine doesn't believe so, and Lorelai worries about Logan not changing, while Luke comes around and has changed and Lorelai and Luke apologize to each other (and us the viewers for the post-April episodes, even though Lorelai sort of had to get Chris out of her system once and for all because it would only make sense in the big picture sense).

Christine has no faith in Richard when he gets work renovating Lindsay's house but learns withing 22 minutes that Richard has changed since their early marriage days, as has become a brand new renovated kitchen, as told my her brother Matthew. Also, I feel the need to go to Home Depot. I wonder why? Plus Christine gets caught by Lindsay's nanny cam doing very Christine things because, well, she never changes. And we love her for that! Can I also say how awesome Clark Gregg is as Richard? He turns the ex-husband character into such a lovable guy yet without being a complete idiot. Richard sort of milks the idiot expectations knowingly but seems smarter than you would think the ex would be. I love that!

Logan, after acting acting like a total bastard and a rich ingrate, switches back to the fine seducing Logan we all learned to love, and finally (finally? he's never been before?) to Stars Hollow just as the town prepares their Spring Fling.

Meanwhile, April visits as well and brings the show down but the character lets out a bumbly charming side to Luke so that brings the show back up. Oh yeah, and Rory gets jobs... is this the beginning of the end? I think I've relegated that it should end before the show totally goes into the crapper. As for now, I will finally admit, it is not the stellar show it used to be but it's still no The War At Home at least, but maybe it's time to end it while we still remember the good seasons (1-5). Of course, now that I'm used to that fact (though NOT the fact that Veronica Mars is apparently cancelled for sure, again), they are now talking of a shortened 8th season (a la Friends, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond).

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Tapeworthy Goes Political

I usually try to keep everything on this blog light and fluffy and avoid any deep meaning stuff because, well, hell, we all have enough problems to deal with in real life so you don't really need to listen to my bitching about the environment (please save and respect) and idiot drivers (please learn to drive properly) and gay marriage (obviously pro) and religion (pro faith (well, not me but if you want to, go ahead. I had already suffered through an all-boys Catholic school so that was enough for me please) but con on organized whatever) . Plus, you don't want to get me started...

Still, what happened Monday in Virginia was a complete tragedy and my heart goes out to all the victims, but last night, as they were showing the memorial services and candlelight vigils, there was an interview with some dude from the NRA in Colorado ranting more about how everyone should have guns, and that Canada, has the same shooting rate as the states (though he later recanted and just said the adjacent states that borders on Canadian provinces, except New York of course) which, while I don't have the exact numbers, I can positively say, uh NO. I remember when Toronto was freaking out a few years ago because we had 50 shootings in one year. Isn't that like a monthly rate for Detroit?

Anyways, even if I play along and say, fine, guns are allowed, wouldn't you have more than a 10 minute computer screening before someone is allowed? Again, the NRA nitwit said it was a great registry already and could check everything. Except for the shooters past mental history and the fact that he was a loner who stalked women and had been checked in before. Sign him up for a gun! Stat!

I won't even start with those crazy Baptist whatever that are protesting the memorials. I'm not even going to link on that because it's so heinous.

Now, onto a completely different rant, now I hear that Survivor is going to China. ARGH. I have major beefs with my supposed homeland and the fact that we all run to this nation with a horrible track record, all to make cheap shoes, golf clubs and T-shirts (mainly because there are a billion available workers for the cheap, not because the peasants are actually becoming richer) is HORRIBLE.

I know. Avoiding buying anything "made in China" is like avoiding breathing air. It just can't be done. Still, the Olympics (where they spraypainted the "grass" green to pretty up the place for the Olympic committees visits), and all this participation from the world grovelling to be part of China's growth is just disgusting as we ignore the fact that it's still technically a COMMUNIST COUNTRY that is doing BAD things to its people (plus the cats and dogs of North America either... don't EVEN get me started about a nation that believes copying and making fakes is legitimate business).

Whatever, thank god my grandparents got out. Thank you grandma's and grandpa's on both sides of the family. Seriously, it's like all the smart people got out (Oh No He Did Not just Say That) (Oh Yes I Did) (well think about it. The Cultural Revolution was a revolt against the upper class and the intellectuals and they killed them all. You're left with a nation of morons). Okay, let the backlash on me begin... Bring It.

Hmm... I'm not going to be allowed back into China again are I? Thank GOD...

(Okay. I'm not usually this angry (or so I delude myself into thinking). In fact. I'm quite nice in person. Really I am... fine. Don't believe me... ha)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol - A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Loss of Soul

Top 7 Country Night with Martina McBride

Phil Stacey sings most likely his last song,Keith Urban's "The Black Top Ends". It got glowing reviews from the judges, but it was okay. Again, he has good tone, and he seems like a nice guy, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... wake me up after the next commercial break.

Jordin Sparks sings Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing". Again, the judges love it. Again, apparently I'm cranky pants tonight. I mean, I so want it do be a showdown between Jordin, Melinda and Blake but I didn't absolutely love it. It was comparable but lacking something for me.

Sanjaya looking like a lesbo mechanic sings "Something To Talk About" originally done by Bonnie Raitt. Crap. I like this song. Now it's going to be ruined. Not as bad as I thought it would be but still, really... this is just getting shameful. He is technically improving now that he's more confident and with less care about this competition, but seriously, Haley is gone now, and it's time to go (but he won't and Phil will probably be leaving).

LaKisha sings "Jesus Takes The Wheel". Good performance but I kinda fell asleep. Literally. Gym at 5:30 am is painful I tell ya.

Chris Richardson sings one of my faves, "Mayberry" from Rascal Flatts, and other than the da dum da dum da dum part which was kinda funny, I thought it was suprisingly good. Meanwhile, the judges didn't really like it. There were some tin sounds and couple of sharps, but then again, so does the original song. Oh well, I was seduced by the eyes. I know this will get a lot of haters in the blogosphere.

Melinda Doolittle sings "Trouble Is A Woman" by Julie Reeves. Never heard the song, but didn't matter. Holy Cowboy that was amazing. Who knew she would be so good at Country? Well, why did I even doubt her? And again, she seems like that fabulous girlfriend that you would sit around the couch eating ice cream gossiping your troubles away.

Blake Lewis sings Tim McGraws "When The Stars Go Blue". I finally figured it out. His mouth is a bit Dominic Monaghan's, a bit Robin Williams. Still, I thought he did a pretty great job, though tonally was slightly a bit off at times but man, what's up with Simon today? He seems particularly grouchy this week. I know he thinks this years crop is a bummer one, but do they not remember every other year? I'm sorry but EVERY year at this point, there's few standout (with the exception of Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry). I think this years crop are all pretty good and definitely no worse than previous seasons. I think we just forget and think everyone was like Kelly Clarkson. I can tell you, she was the only one from her season (with maybe the exception of Tamyra Gray but I wasn't a HUGE fan of hers either so wasn't sad to see her go).

Best of the night: Clearly Melinda
Most misunderstood of the night: Chris Richardson
Worst of the night: do I have to say it? Sanjaya
Will leave tomorrow: Phil Stacey though I think Chris or LaKisha might be in trouble.

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...last time on One Life To Live (I'm serious)

... so to catch you up on the dramatic intrigue taking place on One Life To Live as Jonathan Groff joins the cast (tomorrow, Wednesday, April 18th at 2pm) as Henry, here is last week's small cameo he played... which he played very much like Melchior but whatever, it's all forgiven because I believe...

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People I Like That ALMOST Make Me Want to Watch

So The King of Queens is ending it's run soon (it's still on you say? That's what I said too), but I've always liked Leah Remini enough that I'm glad she's had a good continuous paycheque finally and she almost makes me want to watch the show regularly. Almost.

Here are 4 other actors that I enjoy enough to almost make me want to watch their shows, but still don't.

Angus T. Jones on Two And A Half Men
Seriously, he's 3 times as funny as everyone else on the show.

Anna Belknap on CSI: NY
Is she even on anymore now that she had her baby in real life? Too bad because she was really the only light in the dark and too-broody-for-its-own-good show.

Jonathan Togo on CSI: Miami
Cause really, after seeing David Caruso's Sunglasses On, Sunglasses Off schtick, we need an eyes-cleanser palate. Plus, he visited our little set last year so here's another shout out!

Kyle Sullivan on The War At Home
Can we pluck him from that show to another one PLEASE???

I would have added Jonathan Tucker on The Black Donnelly's but that's not even on the air anymore so doesn't count. There are a few others like Diane Farr on Numbers, Jay Mohr (JAY MOHR???) on The Ghost Whisperer or Aaron Ashmore on Smallville but they all joined in later seasons and were never part of the original cast so I discount that too. Constance Marie on The George Lopez Show came close too (and she's proven she can do WAY better on Spin City) but I draw the line somewhere.

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Okay, Twist My Arm, I'll Watch - First Look at Grey's Anatomy 2 - The Spinoff Possibly called Private Practice

Spoilers Ahead

Since I'm feeling Grey's Anatomy is sort of imploding on itself right now and hit its peak last season (I am NOT buying Izzie and George and I'm tired of McDreamy/No McDreamy/McDreamy/No McDreamy), they are preparing the spinoff, just in time! And with a cast that it has! Man oh man. Though at this point, with such high expectations, by the time it actually airs, we will already get the backlash.

Here's a first look at the Grey's Anatomy spinoff tentatively known as Private Practice. Apparently it will spin off from the May 3rd episode "The Other Side of This Life" starring Kate Walsh taking her Addison character to sunny LA. Joining her are:

Chris Lowell (Piz from Veronica Mars who apparently has been working out!)
Paul Adelstein (Prison Break, the guy who was SUPPOSED to be Dr. Burke and hopefully will get a chance to break out into stardom finally that he so deserves)
Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy)
Taye Diggs (The original broadway cast of Rent, Kevin Hill, Daybreak)
Tim Daly (Wings, The Nine)
Merrin Dungey (Francie/Evil Francie on Alias, The King of Queens)

and from the looks of it, Stephanie Niznik from Everwood but I have a feeling it's a guest appearance but let's hope it's more since anybody on Everwood deserves to be full time on any show.

Thanks to Televisionista for the spoilers.

Oh, Here are some more that were posted yesterday.

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